4th Of July: Simple Sangria!


Happy Fourth of July, party people!

We are lakehouse bound and I'm excited to whip up a batch of sangria.  Sangria is the perfect summer drink ... I use the term "recipe" loosely because you really just toss in your ingredients willy nilly.  

This version above uses a simple combination: rosé wine (or red or white), fruit, sparkling water.  You can also add in some liquor if you so desire (vodka would be my choice) and sugar if that's your jam.

I have the very same beehive drink dispenser as shown above, and it's a favorite!  You can leave the top off and put in a long-handled silver spoon so people can have access to that yummy fruit.

To serve, top off with the adorable pineapple drink stirrers from C. Wonder and some ice cubes -- and you're set.

Cheers to the U S of A!


  1. You never disappoint with your cocktail recs! XO

  2. YUM! I love that beehive drink dispenser too. So fun! Could be super cute for a bee themed birthday / baby shower etc!

  3. I hate my blog feed for JUST now showing me this was posted.

    So excited to try this one!!! I'm not normally a big rose wine drinker, but I've had a bottle in my fridge for weeks and it's taking up too much space. Now I know just the cocktail for it! Thanks friend!


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