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Rainy Days

Here in Charlotte, we're entering our third week of rain in the forecast ... almost on a daily basis.
As much as I don't like grey skies and dodging puddles, I do get a bit excited when I hear the morning's rainy forecast, and the great hair debate is suddenly settled -- updo time!  My naturally curly hair is just not very pretty after raindrops and humidity, so up it goes.
Here are some essentials to making it through the damp day:
-1- Calling fellow shorties!  These Hunter Wellies have a built-in wedge.  There is a really similar pair of Hunters now for sale for $105 here.  If you are an 8, 9, or 10, they are currently in stock for you.
-2- I'm ready to get a little creative with my hair.  Loving this braided updo version!
-3- It's time for me to graduate to a "nice" umbrella (eek, I'm getting old for having that thought).  How cute is this chevron style?  I couldn't find the source but I'm equally in love with this singin' in the rain version and this oh-so-cute kissy face version.
-4- Waterproof mascara is a must in a downpour.  Has anyone tried this Volum' Express The Rocket waterproof mascara by Maybelline?  I'm typically a L'Oreal girl, but I like this one's snazzy name.
-5- What I'm MOST excited about trying is Benefit's new (and highly anticipated) product, their 15-Hour Primer (here).  It's $32, so a bit of a splurge product for me, but the ratings coming in so far are phenomenal.  I first heard about this product from Jaclyn Hill's YouTube makeup tutorials.  She is the cutest thing ever and has some really great tutorials.  Has anyone given it a try yet?
How do you stay waterproof in rainy weather?
I want to know your tips and tricks!


  1. Ohh I want to try out that primer and although we are having a bit of a heat wave here in Northern California I def want some rain boots for fall!

  2. I'm actually a little jealous of the rain!! It is hot and humid here and my poor flowers aren't doing so great! It usually rains a ton here in June, but no such luck!

    Glad you're making the best of it and just trying to run with it (what other choice is there I guess!). And that primer -- off to google it now!!! (and of course you need a new, "nice" umbrella) :)

  3. I am loving that hair style :) I definitely know what you mean about your hair and humidity! I'm in the same boat. We have had so many rainy days lately, and let me tell you - I am ready for some sunshine.

    I don't use primer under my foundation, I usually just use lotion. I'd love to hear your opinions if you try that one.

  4. Love that updo! And those rain boots are adorable. I love the wedge - too bad they're not in stock in my size@

  5. I love those Hunter boots with a slight wedge! I will try to send some sunshine your way :)

  6. Ugg, we've had our fair share of rain lately too. I love your rain survival essentials!

  7. I love the idea of 15 hour primer, thanks for introducing me :) also, WEDGES?! I'm in love.

    xo. Kailagh

  8. This Charlotte rain is for the birds, I'm tellin' ya! I'm so over it and just can't wait for some straight sunny days. But I agree about the hair - curly girls unite! :)

  9. Oh, I haven't tried that new primer yet but it sounds interesting! Love the umbrella and wellies!!

  10. I'm so glad I read this post! I went and found Jacyln's YouTube videos, and I AM OBSESSED!! I just watched about 2 hours worth. She has tons of great advice, and I LOVE her personality. Thanks for sharing!


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