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Last night Ian and I were lying in bed, each on our own iPads (standard) when he said that he was sort of "over the whole pink thing." I thought -- surely he's not talking about Breast Cancer Awareness pink, being that it touched our family so strongly last year? Well, he was, but he was very specific about what he is "over" -- and I wholeheartedly agree with him.

He said he felt like so many companies just throw pink items out there during this time of year, pulling our heartstrings to lure us to purchase. I did assure him that many companies do make it their policy to donate a portion of each sale of the item to breast cancer research, and this made him feel a lot better. This morning I hopped online to see exactly what some of these items were.

Breast Cancer Awareness

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Below are the favorite items that I found, and you can click on the prices to purchase if desired. The statement following the price was taken directly from their website regarding donations.

Clockwise, starting at lip balm:

// number 1.
eos Smooth Lip Balm Sphere 2-Pack, Fresh Watermelon & Strawberry ($5.99): A portion of proceeds from each pack will benefit breast cancer research.

I have the green Honeysuckle Honeydew and it's a favorite!

// number 2.
Tweezerman Breast Cancer Awareness Slant Tweezer ($22): A portion of the proceeds are donated to breast cancer awareness organizations to fight breast cancer.

I own these ... simply the best, and who doesn't love girly pink tweezers?

// number 3.
La Mer The Hand Treatment ($40): La Mer will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I've got my eye on this guy.

// number 4.
Nest Passion Candle ($28): A portion of all proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®

Nothing beats a Nest candle ... they burn so clean, smell so good, and last a long time!

// number 5.
Bobbi Brown French Pink Blush and Brush Set ($45): Between October and March, for every sale of the French Pink set Bobbi Brown will donate $10 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Still some of the best, most pigmented blush I've ever owned! I also love that they are up-front about what the donated amount is per item.


Also, let it be known that I did find a considerable amount of pink items that did not make any mention of a monetary donation from the sale proceeds. Some just mentioned that the item supports "breast cancer awareness", I guess just by being pink-hued. Don't get me wrong -- any support of breast cancer awareness is GOOD, but I know for me, I'll prioritize spending my money with those companies that directly share a portion of the sales with research foundations.

Think pink!


  1. I love Bobbi Brown blush. The whole line, in general, actually. They have some of the best / most natural foundation I've ever tried.

    Even with breast cancer awareness, I don't think I'd pay $45 for their blush when it's normally $25, although I guess you are getting a brush with it. It is nice that they specify how much will be donated. It didn't look like the other companies did that.

    That candle looks so pretty. I bet it smells wonderful :)

  2. I agree with your hubby in the sense that as you found a lot of companies will make items to promote awareness which in turn makes a lot of people think that they're giving to the cause when buying.

    That being said, I do plan on purchasing items that actually give proceeds to grandmother is a two time breast cancer survivor who has made it to 90 and is still going strong.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with Ian -- it seems that everywhere I turn there's a pink tchotcke, produced just so the consumer feels bad and buys it without any contribution to cancer research or awareness. Smart consumers need to watch out for this stuff! (I actually wrote a paper on this subject in college so I get riled up about it still!)

  4. Hey girl! I am in LOVE with reading your blog (basically everyday) and reading your 5 on Friday which I have been participating in ever since I started my blog a few months ago! I too live in Charlotte and think you are just the cutest thing ever! Your style, blog, everything!


  5. April, What program do you use to make the imagine with all the items you talked about? Would love for you to do a post on a how to!!! Also great items!

  6. Why is it that more and more companies are making pink "things" yet not making a donation to any breast-cancer foundations?

    Thank you for bring that up! I fear people think if it is pink it helps foundations but sadly that is not always true.

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    Have a great weekend dear

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