Weekend, Bulleted.

We had a weekend chock-full of fun. And now I'm hurting b-a-d (we'll get to that).

Here's the weekend, bulleted.

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+ Friday post-work drinks with best friends at Mellow Mushroom

+ The old standby Friday night dinner on the couch: pizza with pepperoni, black olives, red onion

+ Watched Rush and gained a new perspective on narcotics officers (scary)

+ Saturday morning: first pumpkin spice latte of the season

+ Visited a pumpkin patch with friends and got a cute, bumpy pumpkin

+ Parents came into town for a visit and to see our Halloween decor

+ Mall trip with Mom (always fun)

+ Cookout at the house with friends

+ Stayed up WAY too late, past midnight (yawn)

+ Apple cake (this one) and coffee for breakfast ... a perfect pairing

+ Sunday afternoon Flywheel class - OUCH OUCH OUCH

+ Long Island Medium marathon (hooked. I'm a believer)

+ Hubby-made wings and coleslaw for dinner with Breaking Bad

+ Kindle reading and 10pm lights out


Okay, so here's the Flywheel deal. Two of my girlfriends take this class and I've always been too intimidated to join (history: I have taken one spinning class in my life and I walked out of it halfway through which I have NEVER done!). 

en route to Flywheel. nervous.

Yesterday our Flywheel studio hosted a special first-timers only class. It was completely free and only open to those who had never taken the class ... everyone on the same page. They had us to come early and get a studio tour, hooked us up with our clip-in shoes, and gave us help getting on the bikes and adjusted for our comfort. 

This class is NO JOKE. I was sweating and huffing and puffing and going way under the suggested RPMs, and today my buns are so incredibly sore (not as much from the exercise as from the hard seat!). My knees are crazy sore as well. Oh, and all of my other muscles too. I'm hurting bad but it truly was a lot of fun -- a great instructor, a jammin' playlist, and a heck of a workout. Plus they had a leaderboard up at the front of the class so you can see your stats and compete against your fellow spinners.  Very cool.  I'll be back ... after my body heals from yesterday's class!


  1. I'm with you - way too scared to try Spin but a little bit curious. Glad to hear your input!

  2. I do spin occasionally at my gym and LOVE it, definitely a great workout! Looks like yall had a great weekend!

  3. It's one of the Jr. League girls who owns that studio.

  4. I've done Flywheel and it kicked my butt! I did a few classes and had to decide it wasn't for me. I just didn't enjoy it like everyone said I would!

  5. That sounds like an intense class! I hate being a newbie when everyone else knows what they are doing. Nice that everyone was on the same starting page.

  6. I started Spin in June and I'm addicted now! It was definitely rough at first. I'm not sure how I feel about the leaderboard... I would like that once in awhile.

  7. Sounds like a good weekend! If I stay up past midnight I'm so exhausted, haha. Don't know why I can't do that anymore!

  8. Sounds like a great class too bad my "old" knees could never handle it:( If it was not for them I know that my competitive side would love this class!!!

  9. I love/hate spin! I "quit the gym" (remember that episode of Friends?)when I was pregnant and two years later haven't returned. OOPS. I'd love to get back into a spinning class. Glad you had a great weekend!

  10. Way to go for getting to the gym! I've only done spin class a couple times... its daunting! I have currently paid my gym's electricity for the past year or so... since I am NEVER there! Someone has to keep the lights on! =)

  11. I've done Soul Cycle before and was not a fan. However it was a GREAT workout.
    Sounds like a great weekend!

  12. Love that they had a leaderboard...nothing like a little friendly competition to get your butt in gear! haha, sounds like a fun weekend! :-)

  13. I did spin class 2-3 times a week when I was a teenager and loved it. I tried to go back last week and it killed my buns too. I am pretty sure I actually bruised my tailbone!

  14. Sounds like fun! Painful, but fun. We have a place here that just opened called Tidalwheel - we had no dedicated SoulCycle-like studio here until these opened in RVA a month or so ago. Might try them out soon.

  15. WHY oh why are the weekends so short??? I vote for 4 day work weeks!

    And how I wish we lived closer -- I've been dying to find a great fitness class (I've heard awesome things about pure barre.. sp?), but there's nothing within a 25 minute drive. Grrr.

    So, way to go girl. The hurting like crazy is no fun, but it's so nice to know that the work was worth it!

  16. SOunds like a perfect active but relaxing weekend!

  17. If you are going to keep doing FlyWheel, get some padded biking shorts. TRUST.

  18. I'm a big fan of spin and you definitely get used to the gets better! How is Flywheel different from traditional spin? I've never heard of it!


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