Week 17 Pregnancy Journal

How Far Along? 17 weeks

Size of Baby: An onion (5.1 inches)

Gender: We found out Sunday that we have a sweet baby G-I-R-L on the way! Thrilled!

Weight Gain: Down about a half of a pound from last week, and I've been reporting on whole numbers, so we will say that I am -1 from my starting weight. Thanksgiving will surely remedy that, though!

Maternity Clothes: Loving my Old Navy maternity skinnies as well as some maternity jeans that my friend Dee is lending me!

Nursery: Now that we know it's a girl, the gears are turning! Too bad I already created a mood board online featuring blue hues -- that's how much I was convinced that we had a boy on the way. :) So happy though for frills, pink, and girly touches in the room.

Movement: Still a big fat no on this one!

Symptoms: I've got some new ones to add to the mix this week. First of all, my belly button is now half as deep as it used to be. And that is a very odd feeling. Also, itchy tummy! That makes me know it is growing (not like it's not evident) so I always run to my oils the minute it gets itchy and reapply them. I use three oils now and alternate them ... the Belli oil recommended to me by two girlfriends (Meggan and Ash), an olive-oil based one I picked up in Asheville on our recent girls trip, and Palmer's cocoa butter oil. Oh, also - is clumsiness a pregnancy symptom? I don't know what's happening but I've been so clumsy lately. If you are at TJ Maxx and you hear something fall off of a shelf on the next aisle over -- there's a good chance it's me.

Sleep: Sleeping great and still finding myself on my back sometimes. When I do wake up on my back, it's not uncommon for my right arm to be numb.

Cravings: No major cravings this week but still loving sweets. And carbs. Not craving vegetables or salads but doing my best to eat them when I can. (Very unlike me.)

What I Miss: Nothing this week. I've got sparkling cider and a cucumber soda from World Market as my Thanksgiving meal wine replacement!

Best Moment This Week: Our gender reveal Sunday takes the cake. I can't describe what a perfect afternoon it was, and I loved finding out the news in such a joyous and celebratory way. If you are on the fence about having one, I would highly recommend it. You don't have to make it huge or crazy or expensive or time-consuming -- keeping it small and intimate was absolutely awesome for us.

Next week I'll post the photos from the party but this one is just too good not to share (and don't let it fool you, because he was totally hoping for a baby girl):

I call it -- "How much did you say weddings cost?"

Looking Forward To: Our last Thanksgiving as a small family of two humans and a dawg :) We will have a very laid-back Thanksgiving this year and I can't wait for lots of couch time and Christmas decorating on Friday! Also -- looking forward to feeling this sweet baby MOVE! Come on, honey!


  1. So exciting you're having a girl! Congratulations! What a sweet picture that is too. We're so lucky for technology to capture moments like this.

  2. Awe what a great captured photo. I love that Ian wanted a little girl. That's too precious!

  3. Those are faces of PURE excitement!!!!

  4. Just watched the gender reveal video! So sweet!!! I was just like you when I was pregnant with Kennedy, I thought for sure I was having a boy! I kept asking the sono tech "are you sure???" Congrats!!!!!

  5. Congrats on the girl! I'm having a girl and her nursery has blue walls. Go to my blog and check it out! Blue and hot pink mainly

  6. Congrats on the baby girl! I love the idea of a gender reveal party! You'll have to share more details on what you did for that! You look great! Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. I love the picture!! Girls are so much fun!! My two keep me so busy and I love all the girly things that we get to do together!!!

  8. CONGRATS to you both!! How exciting!! Even though we're not even trying yet I've been secretly crossing fingers for all things pink!! (he comes from a looong line of boys so that's why haha)

  9. So glad you are feeling well and YAY for a sweet baby girl! I remember the itchy belly SO WELL. Burts Bees makes a wonderful belly butter and I also used to slather coconut oil on my stomach, too.

  10. oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are the cutest preggy EVER! i am so so excited you are having a sweet sweet baby girl. i have a little 4 month old baby lady and OH its the best thing in the whole world. congrats mama! xox


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