Clink Clink Cheers! My Perfect NYE Party Outfit

I'm so excited to be partyin' today with Sam and Khala as we prepare for New Years Eve!

The best part for me is picking out what to wear ... and it has to be absolutely fabulous, because at midnight I'm officially a birthday girl! I think having a January 1st birthday is one of the most fun birthdays of the year. Think about it ... friends, sequins, champagne, a day off work, collards, black eyed peas. Perfect.

Today's link-up topic is the perfect NYE party outfit. I put together two different looks, one for those bumpin' it up as I am this year, and one for those who are not scared of drawing attention to your waistline (ha).
NYE Outfit

Maternity dress: ASOS, $32 (sale)
Lace dress: ASOS, $70 (sale)
Rhinestone earrings: Topshop, $15

I featured ASOS dresses due to the free shipping and returns -- the only way to shop online. Who wants to hit up a mall around this time of year looking for a dress? Not this girl!

Thank you to Sam and Khala for a fun theme today! It's not too late to link up today or for the two future link-ups!

pop fizz one

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  1. Oh, I love both of these dresses, but this year I'm not pregnant so I'd be able to pick option 2! :) We're planning a night out with our best friends (without kids) and I'm really looking forward to getting dressed up for the evening!

  2. I'm trying to find a birthday dress right now and am having the hardest time finding something I like! For NYE I think I'm going to go dressy, but comfy. "Leather" leggings and a tweed moto vest is what I have in mind at the moment. :)

  3. Is it bad that, non-pregnant, I like the maternity dress?? :)

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  5. Thank you, ASOS, for always rocking the super cute and affordable dresses. You're gonna be the cutest little preggo mama NYE ever did see!!!! Cheers!!! :)

  6. April I love your bump dress! So cute and sassy! Thanks for linking up! Happy Holidays :)

  7. You are TOO CUTE with the two outfit options! Both of those dresses are to die for adorable, and I love the alcohol vs. non-alcohol beverage choices. So fun! And YAY for being a January 1st birthday girl!! Thanks for joining us today dear!! xo

  8. super cute. I bought a killer NYE dress for a killer party we're invited to.
    But, we can't find a sitter. Either we have my Mom travel back in to watch Shelby or not go. NOt sure where we'll land on the situation.

  9. That top left one is adorable!

  10. What a fun birthday!!! You have many reasons to celebrate this year! :)

  11. You are going to look so pretty with your dress - rocking the bump!! I'm loving the sparkly rompers I've been seeing!

  12. Loving your picks!! I may need that OPI polish! ;) Wishing you a very merry Christmas & a fantastic New Years too, April!

  13. Both of those dresses are perfect! And I love that OPI polish!
    Hope you're doing wonderfully!
    xo A Southern Style

  14. Sexy little black dresses! I love them both. You've got great taste girl. ;)

  15. SO fun! I just did some design work for Sam's blog!

    LOVE that cute maternity dress! Is that what you'll be wearing?!

  16. girlfriend!! I totally love all of your picks... and they are at such great price points too!


  17. Is it bad that I like the maternity look more than the non-maternity? Fab looks!

  18. We celebrated new year party at best nye party nyc venue, where i found amazing food. I am crazy for delicious food and their food was very yummy. We are going to book that venue again for next party.


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