Week 18 Pregnancy Journal

How Far Along? 18 weeks

Size of Baby: A sweet potato (5.6 inches)

Gender: Baby girl!

Weight Gain: Gained that Thanksgiving pound that I promised. So ... right back up to my pre-pregnancy weight. Netting zero. (But look at that tummy!?)

Maternity Clothes: Still needing maternity leggings and tights like whoa. Loving my maternity jeans so very much!

Nursery: We got a quote back from the company to re-do our future nursery closet to make it more efficient and baby-sized. All I can say about that quote is: yikes. Looking into other options, maybe even just getting an antique wardrobe for the nursery to store her clothes, shoes and accessories and keeping the closet as it currently is, holding our formal and cocktail attire and my wedding dress.

Movement: Yes yes yes! I was hoping it would happen on Thanksgiving, but baby girl took the reins and let me know who was in charge ... I felt her move for the first time the day after. My mom said she was telling me that we needed to go Black Friday shopping. A girl after my own shopaholic heart.

Symptoms: This week I've had crazy dry hands. Growing belly, normal appetite, tired and falling asleep on the couch by 9pm. Slightly lightheaded sometimes when I stand up quickly. Also, if I eat a really large meal, my stomach feels so tight and painful. So trying to keep that in check!

Sleep: Sleeping great! What a change from those weeks where I was up every single night to potty. I actually look forward to going to sleep at night every morning when I'm making up the bed with Ian. :) Loving the Snoogle pregnancy pillow!

Cravings: I've been trying to be better about eating salads. Some nights I don't really have much of an appetite but I always make sure to eat something, even if it's just a big bowl of cereal. My appetite during the day is great, though!

What I Miss: I'm doing the big cold-weather closet transition and finding some clothes that frankly won't be given any wear this year. See ya this time next year, Old Navy skinny cords.

Best Moment This Week: Feeling baby girl move was an incredible feeling that I'll never ever forget.

Looking Forward To: We have another ultrasound this Thursday and I always love seeing the babe on the big screen!

I'll be sharing the gender reveal photos tomorrow!


  1. Eeee look at the cute little belly! I imagine feeling your baby move inside your tummy is one of the best feelings in the world! :)

  2. So cute! Yeah skinny jeans are a definite no! I was pregnant in the summer and ended up living in maxi dresses just so I could avoid waistbands!

  3. You look fabulous! Check out Elfa at the Container Store. We transformed a couple condo closets with their systems and the difference in space was amazing! They usually have a sale (I think) every January for 20% off all Elfa systems & accessories/parts. They will install it or you can DIY. My husband did ours and it was pretty easy.

  4. I seriously hope that when that day comes, I'll have made it halfway through my pregnancy without gaining any weight!! You're a rock star!

  5. I'm seriously loving this updates! Your bump is just too cute! Glad everything's going well on all fronts - can't wait to see more baby reveal pics!

  6. Feeling your baby move is just the most amazing feeling, right?! And I agree, when pregnancy sleep is good, its real good!

  7. THAT BELLY!!!! How perfect!!! And zero weight gain? I am so jealous.

    Remind me tomorrow to give you the number of a very affordable carpenter for the closet. We are going to use him for ours and he's awesome. We've passed him around a bit to friends and everyone loves him.

    Yay for your next U/S and movement!!!! xo

  8. you are too cute! What are your thoughts on people touching your belly? I need to know before I see you next week :)

  9. Love the run down on everything! We have a little girl on the way too! Due Mid-feb:) So many girls on the way...I love it! Funny, I have to have a bowl of cereal wants that calcuim!

    All the best!


    *Check out some of my chic girly nursery design boards...they are right up your alley:)

  10. Trace's closet is SO simple. He just has two clothing racks (1 high, 1 low) and a shelf above each with baskets and organizational tools. Honestly, I'm so glad that we didn't spend the money on a custom closet because it just wouldn't have been money well spent. And NO ONE see's it but your guys and maybe your moms. Glad to hear you're practical ;)

  11. Did you ever pick up thos clothes? Because if so there should be some leggings in there.

  12. You look so great! You're just glowing!

  13. These posts make me so happy! You really look like you are just beaming through pregnancy.

  14. 18 weeks and no pounds gained? Can I share your genepool?!

  15. You look adorable! Yay for movement! It's always fun to feel them moving around. Just wait....she'll sleep all day and then decide to start playing soccer in your tummy as soon as you lay down to go to sleep :)

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