Week 19 Pregnancy Journal

How Far Along? 19 weeks, wow, time is flying!

Size of Baby: An heirloom tomato (6.0 inches -- length of a dollar bill)

Gender: Baby girl!

Weight Gain: Up one more pound, so +2 from my pre-pregnancy weight. Let it be known that what I weigh now is what I weighed as a sophomore in college (my heaviest) so anything more that I gain from here will be the most I've ever weighed. Bring it on!

Maternity Clothes: Charlotte has a cute store, Pickles & Ice Cream, that was on Groupon the other day so I purchased that Groupon voucher and can't wait to spend it! Also, thank you to everyone's comments on my maternity clothes post Monday -- I loved hearing about where you love/loved to shop while pregnant.

Nursery: Still an office.

Movement: Loving it. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it gives me so much reassurance that all is well. A coworker described it perfectly ... she said it's like feeling a fish in your belly. Mine is much more like that than a butterfly flutter feeling.

Symptoms: Lower back pain at times, especially after exercising.

Sleep: Sleeping really well but with super-vivid dreams. Had a nightmare the other night that we lost the baby and an ultrasound confirmed it, and my coworker assured me that this -- while very scary -- is normal.

Cravings: I'm eating like Buddy The Elf. My sugar intake is higher than ever before. I try to keep it in check but it's a daily challenge!

What I Miss: To be honest? Nothing. Loving it all.

Best Moment This Week: Mom and I had such a great time at the Junior League Holiday Market in Columbia -- especially when we saw cute smocked dresses and we could just oooh and aaah at the fact that baby girl will be wearing those clothes this time next year. Also, later that evening on the phone, my mom gave me one of the sweetest compliments ever about how I look. That whole day was just one big highlight of the week.

Looking Forward To: The holidays have really kicked in and I'm so excited for the upcoming parties and get-togethers!


  1. So excited you're having a girl!!!!! I love our Harvest Boutique for Junior League but missed it this year!

  2. Love all your pictures. I didn't take a picture every week.

  3. Next week is the halfway point. Is that insane or what?! I also have super vivid and weird dreams -- usually I am being chased or attacked. Yeah, no bueno.

  4. you looked super precious at the market.. I forgot you were pregnant, your glow and smile were so darling!! enjoy your pregnancy!

  5. April, you are just. so. gorgeous!!! Well, of course you're always gorgeous, but pregnancy suits you well, mama! :)

  6. You look fantastic! I love that she feels like a fish in your belly! So neat!

  7. you look so cute!! its a good thing i had a boy first, i dont think i could resist all of the adorable girl things... smock dresses are my favorite!

  8. I laughed out loud at your a Buddy the Elf comment!!! All I could imagine was the scene of him shoving spaghetti and maple syrup into his mouth!!

  9. aww you are too cute! loving this recap! congratulations!

  10. Isn't Junior League Holiday Market the best? We go every year in Raleigh and I swear 10 minutes in our tote bags are full. You ROCK the pregnancy glow so radiant and beautiful! :)

  11. ohh man I remember the crazy dreams and the back pain! that just brought back lots of memories! haha. so glad you are enjoying it-looking so lovely!

  12. You look so beautiful, radiating excitement of your little girl!


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