Week 21 Pregnancy Journal

How Far Along? 21 weeks

Size of Baby: A banana (10.5 inches). Did anyone else notice that my little banana is now (according to my BabyBump app) 4 inches bigger than last week's measurement?! Unbelievable!

Gender: Baby girl.

Weight Gain: Lost a half of a pound from last week, so +3 from my pre-pregnancy weight since I'm reporting in whole numbers.

Maternity Clothes: Yesterday I treated myself to a few things at Pickles & Ice Cream, and boy, is it an adorable shop. I got a dress that is so beautiful and I can't wait to find a reason to wear it!

Nursery: Still an office, but I think I've got my color scheme nailed down. We saw an adorable dresser at Sleepy Poet last week that would make a great changing table.

Movement: Yes, a good amount! It's not uncomfortable at all (yet), just way cute.

Symptoms: One day last week I had a super-itchy belly -- must have been that 4" growth spurt she had. No stretch marks at all so far, which I attribute to a combination of genetics (thanks, Mom!) and three different belly oils that I use depending on my mood. :)

Sleep: Sleeping really well and waking up a little ahead of my alarm clock most mornings. Still going to bed around 10:30 or 11:00.

Cravings: My sweet tooth sort of subsided in the last week, noted mostly by my reduction in hot chocolate consumption. Probably a good thing -- it was getting a bit out of control.

What I Miss: Sitting down on the couch easily without sighing and grunting.

Best Moment This Week: My experience at Pickles & Ice Cream was so cute -- I was the only one in the store and the lady who was working there was just so sweet. She wanted me to model everything I tried on for her! She sat in an armchair outside of my dressing room and was just so much fun to talk with. It was such a fun way to spend an hour.

Looking Forward To: Baby's first Christmas (albeit in belly)!

pink christmas tree


  1. Can't wait to hear about the nursery! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. you're looking so adorable! and I know baby girl is going to have one stylish nursery!

  3. And next Christmas you're going to have an adorable little nugget!

  4. Adorable! I was 20 weeks yesterday so we're right around the same time! Can't wait to see your nursery ideas.... I'm brainstorming away too!

  5. It is so much fun when you get to feel the baby move! That was by far my favorite part of being pregnant. If I remember right, I think this week is when the baby starts being measured from head to toe instead of head to rump. I remember that crazy jump in length.

  6. You look great- still so tiny!! Just wait until your little girl is here next Christmas- it will be magical!

  7. You look great! Merry Christmas!

  8. You look so cute! And I love your necklace.

  9. Glad you're able to sleep! Happy holidays!

  10. I love your outfit in this picture! Where did you get your necklace? I love it!!

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