My Resolutions For 2014 (And 32)

Happy 2014, y'all ... and may it be our most fabulous year yet.

I celebrated my 32nd birthday yesterday and I just love having my birthday on New Years Day. First of all, I always am surrounded by friends at the very moment when I turn a year older, and (most years) I turn a year older in sequins with champagne in hand. This year it was just the sequins -- in the form of fabulous heels.

Not everyone is a fan of making New Years resolutions, but I am! I think any opportunity to pause and think about ways to better yourself in the coming year is a worthwhile use of time.

So here are my 2014 hopes, dreams, and resolutions!

NY Resolutions 2014

Resolution 1: Glow
I'll be the first to tell you that my workouts have taken a backseat since becoming pregnant. For this year, I vow to exercise more frequently, including planning walks with girlfriends (which is a great substitute for the wine dates I miss). And I'm going to just go ahead and put this out there: I am vowing to return to my pre-pregnancy weight by the end of 2014 ... hopefully quite a bit before December 31st! (My new purple Old Navy Compression Tank will definitely help me be more excited about working out, and FYI - they are on great sale now here!)

Resolution 2: Pursue
There have been so many amazing opportunities that have arisen through blogging, and I want to maximize these in 2014! By far the most fun part of 2013 was joining up with the lovely ladies to host Five On Friday, and I hope that this new year brings additional opportunities for growth and new friends like that one. For "actual" goals related to this, I'd really like to improve my photography (the new lens will help!), increase my readership, and participate in more giveaways. Because giving away things to ya'll is pretty wonderful.

Resolution 3: Nourish
I am vowing to increase my fruit and vegetable intake, specifically with organic and minimally-processed produce sources! I truly do believe that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and I'll be adhering to that literal philosophy on a frequent (if not daily) basis. All it takes is a little prep for me during my Sunday grocery store visits.

Resolution 4: Invest
In the past 10 years that I've been in the workforce, I've done a very good job with saving money, but I haven't dabbled much in investments. 2014 will be the year that I increase my investments both with my personal savings and also with our married savings account. Ian and I have a good personal banker and we are on the same page with our family's financial goals for this coming year. I mean ... have you even seen what college costs nowadays? We are already saving up!

Resolution 5: Respect
This is about two things: me respecting my own time and me respecting others' time. I am a fairly punctual person (and have improved this over the years) but I could really stand to improve my time management in the mornings as I rush out of the door for work. It is not worth the stress or the hasty goodbyes to always be in such a rush. Please remind me of this when I decide to add in a little unscheduled blog work in the mornings! I get so distracted. And when meeting up with people, I am resolving to always be a little bit early and pad my travel time. I always cut it really close!

So, that wraps it up -- five main goals that I plan to uphold.
Do we share any of the same resolutions?

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  1. Loving these goals, April! Amen to Nourish! I'm right there with you! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My birthday is July 1st so I like to joke that New Years is my half birthday : ) I hope you enjoyed! xoxo

  2. April, thanks so much for joining us today! Happy Birthday too!! I am with you on everything - especially pursuing growth online and nourishment! I hope you had a wonderful New Years, your dress was darling :)

  3. I think you do a great job being prompt. That's a huge pet peeve of both me and brad.

  4. i love the one about TIME. i need to be better about NOT leaving in a rush all the so unsettling :) cheers to a happy 2014! xo jillian

  5. Happy belated birthday!

  6. I like resolutions too. This time of the year always makes me want to better myself. Good luck with your's!

  7. I love the way you put all your resolutions...nourishing your body and investing are great resolutions to work towards and keep!

  8. Great, obtainable goals! And I am sure you will loose that baby weight way before 12/31!

  9. I love these goals!! I need to work on quite a few of those myself!

  10. LOVE these resolutions. And I can't believe that purple tank is on sale for $8! I am hoping to hold out until the last week in January so I can use my Old Navy Reward Cash on some new workout gear!

  11. I love how you called it "glowing"! I definitely need to carve out more time for that! It's so much harder for me now with Noah since you can't just go whenever you want and instead have to schedule it in when someone can watch him.

  12. Wonderful resolutions! I will be joining you choosing much more "nourishing" foods! Tons of fruits and veggies to come(:

  13. Love your resolutions, very simple but meaningful! Hope your having a great week love!

  14. Love your resolutions, very simple but meaningful! Hope your having a great week love!

  15. Happy Birthday!! I'll be 32 next month :) Love all your resolutions- I really need to nourish more!

  16. GREAT goals! I think pregnancy has made me SO much more conscious of what I'm eating and what crazy chemicals can be lurking in processed foods, so I definitely feel you on that goal! Also with you on losing the baby weight... I keep thinking of spring and all the nice places I want to take the baby and dog on walks every day while I'm on maternity leave! :)

    And, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!

  17. Love these goals! Also, you have turned me into a big-time Old Navy shopper--how am I supposed to turn down an $8 tank?!

    Happy New Year!


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