Week 25 Pregnancy Journal

How Far Along? 25 weeks

Size of Baby: A rutabaga (13.5 inches). Baby weighs 1.5lbs now!

Gender: A sweet little girl.

Weight Gain: No gain or loss this week. Still up a total of 8 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight -- but since I lost a few pounds in the first trimester, up 11 pounds total from my lowest pregnancy weight.

Maternity Clothes: Loving them and wearing them about 70% of the time.

Nursery: I ordered fabric swatches which I hope to use for drapes and some other touches throughout the room. We also had a contractor come back out again to look at the closet renovation we are doing in baby girl's nursery! So very exciting to think of her teeny clothes being so precious and small that we can start off by having three levels of rods (which will be adjustable for later).

Movement: Lots of it -- especially in the mornings, after I eat any sweets, and when I play her music at night. The YouTube channels with baby piano music seem to be her favorite, and Ian and I are both hoping we might have a little pianist on our hands.

Symptoms: I've noticed that if I push myself a little too hard with doing housework, I get really tired. The thing is -- I'm a busybody, so this does happen from time to time. All of the sudden my lower back will start killing me and my lower stomach will feel tight and a little uncomfortable. Not exactly crampy, but ... a little crampy. Trying to remind myself to just take it easy.

Sleep: Sleeping great with the pregnancy pillow -- but did well without it when I traveled to Vermont this past week.

Cravings: Still really loving cereal in the mornings (first trimester was all about Special K with Red Berries, second trimester has been Honey Nut Cheerios all the way). I'm so done with hot chocolate. The thought of it now is not appetizing in the least.

What I Miss: There are times I'd do anything for a big bowl of buttery, garlicy mussels and a glass or two of Nobilo sauv blanc.

Best Moment This Week: No doubt about it, our lovely time together in Charleston, and talking a lot about the pregnancy and our little girl with Ian over dinner Saturday night.

Looking Forward To: Getting the nursery fabric chosen since that will dictate wall color! I'm so ready for some forward movement on the baby's room. It is going to look so cute.


  1. You are GLOWING! And isn't it so funny how one month during your pregnancy you can't get enough of something and the next the thought of it can make you want to hurl! Lol

  2. Yay for nursery progress. Excited to see what you pick out for the curtains. Are you having them made or are you making them yourself? And did you have Hector come out?

    "The Piano Guys" and "Mozart Lullabies" pandora stations are Caroline's favorite! You have to check them out if you haven't already!

    And I totally feel ya on pushing yourself around the house and then feeling it later. We've decided to have our cleaning lady start coming more frequently because I need to slow down!

    You look beautiful! Happy (almost) 100 day countdown!

  3. I recognize that shirt! :) Looking good!

  4. Really and truly - seeing yours and Christina's weekly bump updates just make me smile from ear to ear!!

    You are glowing, friend!

  5. Gorgeous!! Such an exciting time!!

  6. Looking great, friend! You definitely need to listen to your body when you overdo it.

  7. you look great! i love seeing the progression of photos! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. She's growing so much! I love how you show the week by week, it's so fun to see! I'm on a red berries kick right now...can't imagine how bad it would be if I were pregnant :)

  9. That's so neat your craving cereal! Another friend of mine who is pregnant is ALL about cereal right now!

  10. You look gorgeous! I love your maternity style as well! I am almost 14 weeks and still don't have a bump but I cannot wait until I can style up the bump!

  11. There's nothing cuter than a closet just full of teeny tiny girl clothes!!

    You look fabulous!

  12. I'm so jealous of your Charleston trip! I had those same tight feelings a few weeks ago too and finally put it together that I was having braxton hicks contractions :) Mine aren't painful but a little reminder that I should chill out a bit!

  13. So did you and Christina plan to have babies at the same time?!

  14. You seriously look great! Pregnancy looks great on you!

  15. You look just lovely! Glowing, really!

  16. Pregnancy looks so good on you! Darling!

  17. Love reading pregnancy blogs!! I'm 22 weeks tomorrow!

  18. Honest engines... you are one of the most beautiful and perfect pregnany women ever!!!! :)


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