Resting Day

Today has been a crazy one -- well, for some of us.

Someone in the household, ahem DRAKE, has been a complete lazybones, soaking up the sun all day. In my next life, please let me come back as our sweet pup. He has the life.

I'm working from home following a good doctor's appointment this morning (they are scheduled every two weeks now) but will be back tomorrow and have lots of fun posts planned out for the week, including the winner of the PinkBlush Maternity giveaway (it's not too late to enter!), an announcement of a new fabulous giveaway, and a post on baby registries. 

Ciao for now!

How do we find ourselves at Monday so quickly?!


  1. He looks so cuddly I just want to squeeze him!

  2. Hope you're taking this afternoon for some R&R for yourself, too!

  3. ohhhhhhhhh my goodness I couldn't even read your post cause all I saw was your adorable HUSKY!! My hubs and I had a husky that was the same color as yours... such a sweetie. Especially once she was a little more trained. Oh how we wait for the day to have another one. Ok now I will go back and read your post. :) :)

  4. I'll second that! sun bathing, napping all afternoon, belly rubs...sounds pretty good.

  5. It's so good when dog owners want to come back as their own pet!! It means we are doing it right!! What a little sweetheart. Glad that drake is doing well!

  6. Your pup looks about as spoiled as mine! He's adorable!


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