My Easter Wishlist ... This Year Versus Last Year

This is such an in-between year for Easter for me. Last year it was "bring on the mimosas!" and next year will be "honey can you warm that milk up for us?" ... and this year I'm just in limbo. No baby yet, no adorable Easter basket to put together, and (the saddest part) no champagne in my OJ.

A travesty!

So in a little different style, here is my 2014 Easter Basket Wishlist.

Easter Basket Wishlist 2014

Candy cravings these days ... citrus-based, go figure. Peachy o-rings and Starburts, yum!

I think Baby needs this Aden + Anais hooded towel and washcloth set, so very sweet.

A Lilly Pulitzer Murfee scarf like this floral one is pretty, colorful, and would also be an easy and stylish nursing coverup. Yes, please!

My oh my, how did that gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring get in the set?

Who ever thought I'd get so excited over something like this, but this Beaba baby food maker would be so very, very awesome. It steams, blends, purees, warms, defrosts ... all in one BPA-free bowl for easy clean-up. A powerhouse, if you ask me.

And just for fun, here's last year's wishlist. My sister ended up buying the Wasabi Pear Nest candle for me and it smelled delicious! Good gracious, Nest makes an amazingly wonderful candle.
Easter Basket Wishlist

What's on your wishlist this year?
Enjoy a nice mimosa for me.
Heavy on the champers, just a splash of OJ. ;)


  1. Candy... always always candy! Especially Sweet Tarts "Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies".. I don't know why they taste so much better when made into these shapes!

    Just wait until next year when you can make an Easter basket for your little one - I went crazy for Miles :)

  2. Love your list. And now I want some Peach-O's:)

  3. Fruity, sour candy tasted good to me while I was pregnant too! And that scarf is adorable.

    If I could offer an unsolicited opinion, I would skip the Beaba. It's so small and not very efficient. You'll spend forever cleaning it out between small batches. I steamed or roasted my fruits and veggies and then pureed them in my food processor. I was able to make larger batches to freeze into cubes and use as needed. Just thought I'd share in hopes of saving you some valuable cleaning time and $$. (more for cute scarves!)

  4. You are going to love the Beaba! It's the best! My favorite part is that it's on it's own timer so you don't have to keep a close eye on it (perfect when you're looking after a little one). I still use it with my 13 mo old to steam veggies (I just don't purée anymore).

  5. I have no idea how that ring got in there but it is beautiful!

  6. Love this change in sweet! Xx.

  7. My cousin gave us her Beaba food maker. It was super nice. I gave it back after we were done with that phase though and I believe she handed it down to another friend to use.

  8. ahhh i miss easter baskets! i'd love to get some cadbury eggs :)
    and those earrings! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. I love doing Easter baskets for my little one! I try to do a mix of toys, food, plus an outfit. If I *still* got an outfit, I would love to have that ring!

  10. Aden and Anais is worth its weight in GOLD!!!!!!! Esp when it comes to bibs!!!!!

  11. Try mixing Ginger Ale with a big splash of OJ..not quite as good of a mimosa, but close!

  12. I am OBSESSED with mimosas! I'm known as the champagne drinker among my friends. I do love the bubbly!!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Skip the rest of the items in the basket and go for the ring! What a fun post!

  15. Ha! Love this! Mine looks very similar to yours. Just add some Reese eggs and I'll be good to go!

  16. Haha - I love this so much because I remember the day so well that it dawned on me how much my "wish lists" had changed since having Jackson!

    And DON'T YOU FRET ---- I will step up and have one too many mimosas just for YOU, friend!!!! Hope you're feeling great, because you sure do look precious! Happy almost Easter to you and your precious fam! Cannot wait to meet this angel girl! XO.

  17. OMG i freaking love love peachie-os. seriously, like 2 packs a day when i worked next to a gas station. haha!

  18. Gorgeous ring!!! ;) OMG Let me tell you, I LOVE my Babycook! I just wish I had gotten the bigger one because my 13 month old still prefers purees.

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv


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