Five On Friday

Happy Friday!

I'm teeing this post up on Thursday afternoon, because frankly -- who knows what's in store for us each minute this week? If you follow me on Instagram, you know that the baby has not yet made an appearance ... but we are keeping our fingers crossed for any day now.

In college, in our sorority we all ran consistently late -- we referred to it as "ADPi Time". Well, this little gal seems to have inherited that way of life as well. She's already on ADPi time.

Anyway, time for Five On Friday with my lovely cohostesses ChristinaDarci, and Natasha. :)

A huge congratulations to Christina and her husband Matt on the arrival of their sweet baby girl, Caroline! I am overjoyed for them and I am looking forward to many playdates with our kiddos in the future!
Baby Girl Nursery "First We Had Each Other ...Now We Have Everything" Quote

Since I've been out on maternity leave, I've done a good bit of walking -- some around the neighborhood, some in the mall. The mall walking is tempting. I recently picked up this adorable lemon halter and diaper cover (in size 12 months so she'll have it next summer) from Gymboree. It's available here. It would make the cutest gift and I'm considering getting the center of the top monogrammed as well!

They also had this sweet lemon dress, but it was on big sale and wasn't available in the right size I needed in our store.

Speaking of those walks, thankful for gorgeous weather this week that has allowed me to take advantage of getting outdoors! I use the Map My Run app (free version) to track my distance. I've been aiming for 1-2 mile walks daily just depending on how much energy I have. Wearing my pedometer, I'm getting around 5,000-6,000 total steps daily, which is about half of what's recommended, but it works for me now. :)

This past Sunday evening, we cooked enchiladas and refried beans, and I used this recipe. I'd just been heating up the canned beans before on the stovetop. This was just as easy and way tastier. Highly recommend!

Baked Refried Beans - our favorite #CincoDeMayo side dish!

recipe here

It's almost go-time, y'all ... every night I walk in the nursery and look at the hospital bags I have ready to grab. Looking forward to the day when we are packing up the car! I'll do a post soon with my hospital bag essentials.

Follow along with me on Instagram (@alizadventures) and I promise I'll share the baby news as soon as we can! EEK - almost time :)

Your turn to link up, ladies -- I'd love to read your five! Any five things on your mind will do. Just link to one or all of the hostess sites and insert the logo below. Then link up with us and you are set. :)


  1. You will be using those hospital bags so soon! I know you are ready, but at least the longer that baby stays put, the better she will be sleeping when she arrives!

  2. Those lemon outfits are too adorable!! Hope you have the best weekend and that your little girl makes her debut soon :)

  3. sooo excited for you!! almost there!
    and i am loving those sweet little lemon dresses :)xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. You look so fabulous and good for you to keep walking! I really believe that's what kept me progressing.

  5. Brad and I total freaks about being on time so when Shelby was 10-days late we just laughed.

  6. i love those lemon outfits!! i will be broke when i have a girl... i manage to spend enough on a little boy, and girl clothes are SO much cuter.

    what is your name on IG? i couldnt find it on the blog and i'd love to see her face when she makes an appearance!

  7. All linked up! So excited for you and anxiously waiting to see your little one make her appearance!!

  8. So excited for you! You are getting so close! Those lemons outfits are adorable!!

  9. You are such a beautiful mama! I'm so excited for you...these moments are too precious.

    And kudos on your daily walks! I thought I did well using the stairs at work when I was pregnant, but you are taking it to a whole new level! :)

  10. You are still looking so fantastic and beautiful! Can't wait to see the update on IG that she's here (and what her name is!!)

  11. You look so great April! Hopefully today is the day for little Miss to make her arrival. I'm almost 17 weeks and can imagine the excitement you are going through!

  12. Love those sweet summer dresses!! & You still look awesome!! Keep walking!! Here's to hoping she'll make her arrival over the weekend!!

  13. Congrats! Hopefully your little girl comes sooner rather than later- I am sure the waiting is killing you! And I can't wait to hear what name you all chose.

  14. Not to sound crazy, but I may or may not be stalking your instagram every so often to see if little baby has arrived! Loving that little halter you found. And a hot pink monogram would be perfect! Thinking of you in this special time!

  15. Love the lemon dress from Gymboree. Where do you plan on getting it monogrammed? I always think of doing that but wasn't sure where to go.

  16. I worked at Gymboree as my first job in high school. I still dream in the stupid songs they played over and over and over again "Peanuuuuut, peanut butter and jelly and jelly!"

    Hope baby girl comes today!!!!

  17. Good luck Mama! You're going to do great. Can't wait to see your sweet girl and find out her name!
    Praying she comes soon :)

  18. I hope today is the day!!! Happy Friday lady!

  19. You look awesome mama! I'm jealous your little one will be here and you'll be done with you pregnancy before the heat picks up too much. I still have 11 weeks left. Wish me luck!

  20. Those dresses are so cute; I love the first one you got for her. Sending lots of positive thoughts that your little girl will make her debut soon!

  21. Those outfits are adorable! I just put Avery in a Gymboree outfit I bought for her last year. I was an ADPi too and we had Pi Time. I hope your little legacy arrives very soon!

  22. Praying for you April!! Can't wait to hear news about your sweet girl's arrival!

  23. I'm a new follower but wanted to say good luck! I bet you are so ready for your little girl to make her appearance!


  24. So excited about baby girl! It's been so fun following your journey so far. Can't wait to hear about all the upcoming adventures.
    P.S. That sign is adorable.

  25. Almost there! Keep on mall walking! ;) I was shopping in the afternoon and in labor at night! Good luck!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  26. You look great! Great you're getting out for those walks! I'm new to your blog but it is so cute!

    Hope the little one is with you soon! So exciting for you!


  27. A monogram would look absolutely perfect on that little outfit :) and you look fabulous girl !! Have a great weekend and hopefully a very exciting one ;)


  28. You are in the home stretch!! Can't wait for your little lady to make her debut!

  29. Love those sweet baby clothes!

    And hey, little one, get out of your Momma! Your parents want to count your sweet fingers and toes :)


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