Harvesting Radishes (And A Pickling Shortcut)

I'm usually pretty predictable when it comes to the plants and herbs I choose to grow each spring -- petunias, marigolds, sweet potato vine, vinca, rosemary, basil, mint. Occasionally I get a wild hair, and it usually involves something being on super sale. When I picked up this packet of radish seeds at the end of last year, they were practically giving them away.

My style is usually to keep these seeds in the refrigerator for years until I just throw them away (usually during a move). Well, my mom has an awesome green thumb, and when she and Dad were up for Easter, we got those seeds planted!

I have large pots on our patio and we put in a seed every few inches around the tree I already had in the center. The radishes came up shortly thereafter with their pretty heart-shaped leaves. They take about 25 days to fully mature.

We picked some of the radishes on Mom's recent visit and had a great time pickling them!

I took a total shortcut this time around. After washing the radishes and pulling out my zig-zag knife, we just grabbed a pickle jar from the fridge and decided to throw the radishes right in the jar.

One week later, the pickle juice had turned a pretty rose color, and we had these pickled radishes!


How easy is that?!

They made a great addition to an antipasto plate Mom and I put together, and they would also be delicious atop a salad.

I never knew growing radishes would be so fool-proof and fun. Maybe in the future I'll try putting together my own pickling concoction, but this shortcut was just too easy for a new mom!


  1. Seriously so awesome !! I have bell peppers growing right now and every day they grow a little bit and reassure me that I am no longer a plant killer lol :)

  2. I am a new radish lover! I just posted about pickling veggies on my blog, although this way seems way easier :)

  3. I love radishes! We slice them thin and make a sandwich with a little butter and salt, or even cream cheese sometimes.

  4. I am such a black thumb but wannabe green and this is very inspiring!! I hope to grow a few things myself this summer!

  5. Fun! I need to pick up one of those zig zag knives.

  6. I adoooore radishes - been eating a lot of them this year - and pickling them this weekend is on our list. Your post is so timely!

  7. Have you tried roasting radishes? They are delicious too!

  8. Such a fun idea! Who knew it was so simple to grow radishes? I love this idea and can't wait to plant my own.

  9. I have been using this recipe for years for quick pickles! So incredibly simple once you have the ingredients on hand! The only modification I do to the recipe is use crushed coriander and black pepper. Cheers!!

  10. Very cool! I want one of those knives!


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