Friday Randoms & Affiliate Links Discussion

It's Friday morning, and I'm sitting on the couch drinking a cup of coffee and watching my baby sleep on the video monitor.

Today will be great :)

What's necessary? The coffee. I've been up since 5:30am. It's not as sweet as I would like it to be, but I'm currently tethered to a pump (tmi?) so I'm enjoying it as-is. 

What's not necessary? Watching the baby on the monitor. She's asleep and will likely be for the next half hour or so. Our house is small enough that if she were to wake up, I'd hear her. But she just looks so darn cute on the monitor that I enjoy watching her sleep.

I do have a bit of anxiety about today because the baby has to get several shots. It's her two month appointment and, from what I've read, I think she gets three today. Three shots! I'd scream-cry, too. I am ready to comfort her afterwards with lots of love and snuggles, but I just hate to see her in pain. And I have this fear that since I'll be holding her during the shots, she might think that it's something I'm doing to her. I'll gladly take any advice from anyone who has been in these shoes.

This weekend Camille will meet her great-grandparents (Ian's side). I'm really looking forward to this since they are so special to me. Every day I wish that my own grandparents were still alive to meet Camille. They didn't even get a chance to meet Ian. I do have a pretty amazing story about visiting my grandparents' resting places when I was newly pregnant and something pretty magical happened -- but I'll save that for another day.

Absolutely Fabulous Quotes about Love, Life, God, Strength, Friendship

Hey, I wanted to discuss affiliate links for a bit. If you have a blog yourself, you may be familiar with these, but I know many of you who read here may not have a blog. Affiliate links are links in a blog post that, if you click on them and make a purchase, pay a certain percentage back to the blog writer. In many cases, we are talking about a very small percentage. A finders fee, if you will, from the company to the blogger who "made the introduction." If you have ever shared your personal referral link to Groupon or Rue La La with someone, it's basically the same deal (except they pay a LOT more when someone makes a purchase!).

I choose to use affiliate links because what girl doesn't like a way of earning a little side cash? What I earn from something a reader buys is not sending me to Paris ... or to the spa ... or heck, even to the Hair Cuttery. As a blog reader myself, I love supporting other bloggers through their affiliate links. My take on it is this -- if the products cost the same to me whether I purchase directly or through their link, but I can help a friend out in a small way financially, then it's no skin off my nose to use her affiliate link.

Now I'm going to tell you how to recognize an affiliate link on my blog and also tell you about how I use them and do not use them.

If you want to know if something I'm linking to is an affiliate link, you can hover your mouse over the link. If what you see pops up as a link with "rstyle" in it, or if it's a shortened "" link, it is an affiliate link. If you see the straight link, however, then it is a normal link to a site. No money involved.

If I'm going to link to a product, I will typically (if I have time) check to see if it is one for which an affiliate link is available. If not, I will still link to it. My goal here with my blog is to share with you my favorite items and wishlist items, regarless of whether I make $0.14 from it if you buy it, too. :)

What you won't see is me just throwing out a bunch of affiliate links I could care less about. Personally, that's just not my style. I want my blog to reflect items I truly own, love, want, need.

Here's where, as a reader and consumer, you maintain the power: you can choose whether to use the affiliate links or not!

Take, for example, my Anthropologie top.

I used an affiliate link when I linked to it above, which you can see with the mouse hover technique. But if you choose not to use that link, that's your right! You could easily go to Anthropologie's site directly.

And for what it's worth, the top is now reduced to $19.95 ... only sizes left however are XS, S, and M. My XS fits true to size (I'm a shorty ... 5'2) but I did read online in the reviews that some people are saying to size down.

So there's the scoop on affiliate links. Baby's waking up now so I'm done. Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Don't stress too much about the shots and doctor. Shelby did ok, but slept A LOT afterwards. Give her some Tylenol and take her home and let her rest.
    BTW - Does Ian's Mom have your sunglasses on? I meant to ask that in the last post of that picture.

  2. Aww poor Camille! You're her momma, I bet she already knows you would never hurt her & she'll of course take all your lovin'! I do have a question about affiliate links though... Not necessarily how they work but, more of how you got connected with these sites? Have a great weekend!

  3. Don't worry about the shots! Most seem to get over them as fast as they give them! And isn't one an oral vax? I can't remember (but we have them coming up in two weeks).

  4. Good luck with sweet Camille's shots today! I ended up having to give Ella some infant Tylenol after her 2 month shots, and I only wish I had done it earlier in the day! Not sure how you feel about giving medicine to babies, but I figured you gotta do what ya gotta do, right?! And the 4 month shots went much better for us, so get through this and you're basically home free! :)

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  6. Now I can't wait to hear the story about your grandparents! I am also wondering how you get started with affiliate links also. How do you get setup to see if they are available? Thanks!!

  7. I promise you at that age the shots are more upsetting for mama than they are for baby. We just had some more this week for our 2 year old and boy, is she not a fan!!! Just remember you are doing the best thing for your baby, and then give her lots and lots of cuddles!!! xx

  8. Girl shots are the worst - not because they are actually the worst but because it's just so darn hard to know it hurts them and yet still let it happen. I didn't give BG Tylenol beforehand until he was a bit older BUT I did nurse him all during the shots and immediately after and I think that helped him a lot!! It's supposed to be a natural pain alleviation/suppressant and since I lost all sense of modesty after delivering him in the hospital I figured why not? Hoping it goes well for both of you!

  9. I don't have kids and can't add much info on the shots... thanks for the good disclosure on the links. I love seeing products here and there like you do. I do not like when some blogs only provide product links every day. To each their own:)

  10. My little girl just had her two month shots a few weeks ago. It was hard. My doctor recommended having a bottle at the ready. He said that eating for babies raises their endorphins and can calm them. The second the shots were done I had the bottle at her mouth and it really seemed to help her. We also gave her some tylenol later that day when she started to get fussy and she seemed fine after that. Hang in there! I think the shots are harder on the parents than the little ones.

  11. Great post - obvs I can't weigh in on mommyhood - but I do know when I was little (Camille is still too little though) I would get ice cream with whichever parent had taken me to get the shots. A reward for all the scream-ugly-crying. I know you'll be strong for her!

    Really great of you to clarify affiliate links. I had already figured you used them, but I agree on that it really can be seen as a finder's fee and shouldn't been taken the wrong way by people reading your blog!


  12. Aw good luck with the shots today :( I really enjoyed reading this, I use affiliate links for certain things and couldn't agree more, I like to support other bloggers anytime I can.

  13. My daughter had her 2-month shots awhile ago... It is not fun to watch! I had read to nurse right after in the exam room. I thought it was weird at first but then she was actually due for a feeding and so we went ahead and did that right after the shots.. It really did help!! I may do that after the 4-month ones now too.. It was very comforting for her and she calmed down so quickly! Good luck today mama! :)

  14. Don't stress too much about the shots I've found it gets much harder as they get older and can express their feelings more- that's when it's a real kick in the heart!!

  15. Shots are much worse on you than baby girl, but so sad at first! Just nurse her right after and she will be fine!

  16. I just found your blog and wanted to say hi :). You're baby girl is precious!! Makes me miss those sweet newborn days. After the initial cries with the shots mine always did fine with them, so I hope she does too.

  17. I feel ya on the shots! I hate, hate, hate taking my son to get shots. He just turned two today and we have his two year old appt next week and I am dreading the shots. Especially since he is getting older and its so sad to see him so happy, then be like "what just happened???" and then cry. But literally like 2 min later he is fine and has forgotten all about them. Try not to worry too much. She will be fine in a matter of minutes and will be happy you are there to comfort her!

  18. The little one will make it through the shots! I know it!... Been there!

    As for the affiliate stuff, I love your perspective. My blog has really started to grow and I have posted a few affiliate links. I have gone back and forth about this, but really think that if I can make $0.14 for my family on something somebody wants to buy... I should :)

    Love following along!:)

  19. i think often you can spot out the ones who just post stuff to make money off links. l

    i'm okay with affiliate links because like you said if you're going to purchase anyway...


  20. Poor baby! Those shots are no fun at all. It's so hard for we mommas to watch our littles endure it. I will say, C did much better during her 4-month shots once she had more weight on her, so hopefully Camille will, too!

    I love that you wrote this about the affiliate linking SO MUCH. I'm going to have to share with my readers!


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