Recent Zulily Scores

So I know I've waxed poetic here before about Zulily, but I recently scored some cute outfits for Camille to wear next spring/summer and I just had to share.

I recently blogged about this adorable crab bubble, and then I pulled the trigger and purchased it. I can't wait to see her little chubby thighs in it on the beach.

My favorite color is yellow, and I love gingham -- so this was a no-brainer. This ABS outfit was $9.99!

Lastly, I bought Camille this adorable Smockadot dress with a "C" embroidered on the yoke. It has already come in and is hanging in her closet. Absolutely precious.

Zulily sales change daily and you can receive a free invitation to join this shopping site here if you haven't already done so. I'm obsessed with checking this site on my iPad daily!


  1. Oh my, all are adorbale. I'm partial to the crab! ;)

  2. Love that sweet purple crab bubble!!! They have some super cute things for boys too which I didn't know at first.

  3. You always find the best finds on there! I never find anything that cute for a boy! :(

  4. Don't forget all the fabulous custom baby cuteness you can find on Etsy and Ebay! I'm pretty sure my daughter only wore clothes from those sites her first few years! lol She was always smocked or monogrammed! Love the crab! Reminds me of Kelly's Kids!

  5. Congrats on Camille :) My Farrah was born on 5/9/ ours are very close! I love Zulily...and that crab outfit would be perfect here in Charleston...might just have to snag one for her too!

  6. I joined through your link, so maybe you'll get $15. Depends if I'm able to resist temptation!


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