Current Baby Loves -- 5 Months

It seems like a daily comment around here. "This baby is changing SO much every single day!"

This past Sunday, I was getting her dressed on her changing table, and she started pulling her torso up, like she was doing a sit-up. Now that just opens a new can of worms.

With all of this growth and change, I'm always on the hunt for new items to keep her amused and learning. Here are some of our current baby favorites from Amazon -- my favorite way to shop these days (i.e., fast, easy, and does not require lugging that heavy carseat in and out of my car).

Carters Sing and Dance Plush Toy, Pink Elephant
I received this elephant at my work baby shower from a fellow mom. I personally thought it was a little obnoxious but I'll be darned if she doesn't LOVE it. So now, I obviously love it too. When you press the hand, the elephant sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and moves its hands and legs. Plus, there are crinkly ears and lots of different-textured fabrics. She really seems to like it when I sing along with the elephant ... or maybe she is just amazed at how bad a singing voice can be. Regardless, I'm adding this to my arsenal of good baby shower gifts to give friends.

Baby Faces Book
Between the really low price-point, free shipping with Prime, and wonderful reviews on Amazon, I snatched this book right up. Camille loves looking at the different baby faces on each page, and I personally think she has a crush on a few of them with the way she stares at certain pages.

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym
I kept reading awesome reviews of this gym, and one day it showed up on our doorstep ... a surprise gift from some of our friends. What I like about this is that it has three "stages" to grow along with baby. A long-lasting toy in the baby world, which I'm figuring out can be hard to find. Great for tummy time, too.

Johnny Jump Up, Frogs
This doorframe jumpy seat is a new addition to our home, and Camille is just starting to get the hang of it. She didn't love it at first, so we kept her time in it limited to just a minute or two, and then she started liking it more. Sometimes we just play music for her and swing her around in it. Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" gets her grooving every time.

My Amazon Prime membership has more than paid for itself with free 2-day shipping. Last night I ordered more of my favorite bottle brushes (trust me, there is a BIG difference between brands) at 10:01pm ... by 10:30am this morning they were on my doorstep. Now that's fun.


  1. love your matching headbands...where are they from?!

  2. LOVE these baby gear updates! I'm just starting to register for our first baby due next spring, and it's so helpful to read what actual people love!

    Amazon is I was thinking of doing all my registering there but I'm worried shower guests buying last minute gifts won't be able to walk in a store and grab something? Even if I added items on my list from actual walk in places..I don't think some relatives would get it. Any more registry advice/posts would be appreciated!!

  3. We had the boy version of the piano... Definitely a favorite! I'm also a huge fan of Amazon prime!

  4. My first grandbaby is due May 5th so I'm using Camille as my sample baby for what our baby will be doing at the same time next year. I've got another son & daughter-in-law who are trying so I might have two ... TWO!!! grandbabies to love next year! I'm over the moon and obsessed with all things baby. Stuff has changed a lot since I had my last baby. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ok, need to know where and how does one get those matching headbands?!? ADORABLE! Gotta love the kick and play piano...Ella is still into it at almost 9 months!!! :)

  6. April, Camille is so beautiful! I love her big brown eyes!! Just can't get enough of them! (& a precious picture of the two of you!)

  7. You girls are so adorable!! We absolutely love our Kick N Play piano. I can't believe we are already in phase 2 with Avery sitting!! :(

  8. I might have to get my son the Kick and Play piano gym now. We have a play gym for Luke to "play" in but I think he gets bored with it. Thanks for the suggestion and yes Amazon prime is worth every penny!!

  9. yall are so cute! I say it all the time, I wish we had that kick and play mat, rather than just the activity mat. I think Lawter would love kicking that!

  10. Could y'all BE any cuter with your matching headbands?! Adorable!

    Heather | Style Prescription

  11. she's getting so big, it goes way too fast!! Enjoy each moment!

  12. those headbands are TOO cute!! yahh! im so excited we're having a little girl :) xox jillian

  13. I totally need to see a video of Camille bouncing around to T. Swift.


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