Baby Milestones & Choosing a Baby Album

It is so cool to see our baby learning new things. Watching her face stare intently as we do simple tasks like take a sip of water from a glass or give a dog treat to Drake just pulls at my heartstrings. When she accomplishes her milestone moments -- rolling from front to back, from back to front, sitting up -- that is something that I really want to record. I've been sharing her monthly updates here on the blog, but they are interspersed with recipes, weekend recaps, and too many posts about mascara.

My mom kept a baby album for each of us three girls, and it's so cool now for me to hear her say "I looked up when you first sat up in your baby book last night." I want Camille to have her own book like this! I feel like people our age don't really keep baby albums like our moms once did -- do you agree?

I decided to start an album for Camille. Having been a scrapbooker in a "past life," I even thought about making my own -- but then decided to go for ease with a pre-built album. I was afraid that if the task seemed too daunting or time-consuming, I wouldn't complete it. Time is a precious commodity these days!

After reading specs and reviews on (literally) dozens of options, I ordered two baby albums from Amazon so that I could see them up close and personal before making a decision. I decided to choose between the C.R. Gibson Jack book and the Nojo Lovebirds book. Here are my thoughts on these two, and I'll tell you which one I ended up keeping and why.

Choice One: C.R. Gibson Jack book
The first album is a little more gender-neutral. It has a spot for a 3.5x3.5 photo (hello Instagram printing!). It is yellow, green and baby blue. It does have a peapod embellishment, which may not suit everyone ... BUT being that she earned the nickname "Pea" from her daddy when she was born, this was something that definitely appealed to me.

The decor and colors on the pages are classic and traditional -- more "sweet baby" than "trendy baby." There are all sorts of fun page prompts and spots for photos.

All in all, a classic and very pretty baby album.

Choice Two: Nojo Lovebirds book 
The second book was definitely all-girl and I loved the sweet owl and bird motif on the front cover.

The designs, colors and fonts in this book are a little more cutesy/trendy. A little more funky.

The pages are so punchy and colorful with really fun designs. I think the page prompts on this one spoke to me a little more. I also loved that it was very girly.

When it came down to it, I decided to go with the first book. I just couldn't resist the Peapod reference! I also loved that it was a little more traditional in nature, with a timeless appeal. It was a difficult choice, though -- I truly would have been happy with either.

I'm now working on filling it out. I'm using adhesive mounting squares (like these) to affix photos and other memories, like some of her first pieces of "art" she made at daycare and her hospital bracelet.

Do you have a baby album from when you were little?


  1. cute options! i need to find a baby book for violet :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Hello,

    My Mom also kept a really good baby book for me and I love pulling it out to see my milestones. So I am trying to do the same for my daughters. I have the one you chose just a different design for my first daughter. I love it and have it filled with her information now that she is almost 3(tear). However, for my second daughter I decided to go with a personalized one from Etsy, because I wanted a smaller size one for storage.


  3. I was the last of three children and my baby book was bought but never filled sad BUT there are so many awesome things just stuck in the pages! This is most def something I will do for my little ones down the road!

  4. I still love looking through my baby book. My mom also added the 'ins and outs' from the Newspaper that year.

  5. Hi. I have been keeping pic for my 5 month old son. Baby books are precious and you can keep the greatest moments of all and share with your family. I have a little baby book but it works for me. I think god everyday for my little angle. Enjoy your time with your daughter. Have a blessed week.

  6. I agree that our generation probably isn't as good at keeping things like this. I bought a "memory book" when I found out I was pregnant & have been able to keep up with each trimester & it goes through baby's whole first year. I'm hoping I can keep up with it- so far so good!

  7. I had a baby album and definitely wanted one for my daughter. I am not a scapbooker so it was a little stressful with my Type A personality at first but I'm glad i have kept it up. I think a lot of people make them online now but I like having a place to glue in invitations and such. My mom still has a napkin from the baby shower she had for me in it. That is so interesting for me to see! Just for the future I got mine at Buy Buy Baby and I chose the binder type which was nice to take pages out to make it easier to write and glue things in.

  8. Love looking through mine. When my husband's parents passed away, I found his and loved looking through.

  9. Good choice on the more traditional one. I never take time to think about when we look back if the choice would still be a classic.

  10. I don't think I have a baby book - we have an album from the day I was born (mercifully taken across the room from the side) and I think my Mom has my hair somewhere. Oh, and my aunt calligraphed my announcements that included some classic details. But... that's about it!

    Love the owl book. May get for my cousin who had her first (a girl, owl motif nursery) in Sept.

  11. I have that C.R. Gibson book and LOVE it! It's been perfect for Caleb's first year, and still lets me update on birthdays and such for the next few years:) I'll def be looking for a similar version of it for baby girl:)

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  13. I think my baby book was lost somewhere down the road. I was so paranoid with Lily that I didn't keep an actual journal but I did jot notes and dates down to make a Shutterfly book that I love. I didn't have a blog before baby number 1 but I do now with baby number 2 and am actually loving keeping up with the bump dates!

  14. i love love that you are doing this!! my mom did it most consistently for me [firstborn!] and then less and less for my siblings, and i hear that's how it goes a lot of the time. ;) i started one for my little lady, and got a lot of the important stuff in!! but she started growing and changing so fast, i have found it's hard to keep up with already!! haha!! crossing my fingers i can keep up with baby books for my future babes, because i love love documenting life like that!! so special!

  15. My mom kept traditional baby books for us, however I'm the middle child and there's a bit of a difference in the "comprehensiveness" of each of the books as you go down each child! hah I got Lawter a book off Etsy that I've been updating each month- it has topic prompts that sometimes I like, sometimes I don't. It's hard to find a perfect book to document these precious little lives, but in the end, it's all about the work I put into it I guess!

  16. I am the third baby (and also a suprise) so my baby boom is pretty sparse. Thanks mom! I bought one for presley that I'm not super in love with but I've already filled out the bulk of it. We also call Presley, P! (Although ours is just a letter reference)

  17. I love the baby book you chose! We have a CR Gibson one as well. My mom still has my baby book, so it was definitely something I wanted to continue for my kids. So far, I have been able to keep up with it mostly, even if it's later on in the month! :)

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