Thoughts On Tuesday

Thank you all again for your amazingly sweet words about our Drake. What a beautiful community this one is. Blogging is a crazy little world ... I love joking about my "internet friends" but there really is something to be said about the way that blogging brings people together.

Joy is a choice

Who got snow last night? We did, if you can call it that. We woke up this morning to ice all over Charlotte ... the kind that is dangerous for us Southern drivers that FLIP OUT at the sight of snow, ice, heck -- even rain.

Schools are closed, which means that daycares are closed, and I've been working the dual role of working woman and accident-preventing mama. So far I'm not doing too hot at the second role. Camille now is sporting a bruise on the side of her eye. Camille: 0, coffee table: 1. #takemeawaychardonnay. She is still on two naps a day which is helpful for getting good, uninterrupted work done. And thank heavens for the exersaucer.

Well said, Liz.

Last night I made buffalo chicken chili (two tweaks: omitted the heavy cream and one packet of the ranch mix this time around) and it made enough for second helpings for both of us last night plus leftovers for dinner tonight.

In fact, I honestly think Ian had three bowls of it last night. Can't blame him. It's so tasty and perfect for this chilly weather.

I don't really have any fun recent purchases to share right now unless you count my Amazon delivery of coffee (which is truly very FUN and has been quite necessary the past two mornings when I -- for no reason -- woke up at 5am and stayed up). 

One thing I am loving that I've owned for a while is this La Senorita Jolie top in the style called Izabelle. I'm wearing it right now in this very color below. My sweet LSJ rep, Ashley, is offering free shipping to all of you with this special code: LSJ-ACK-FS


Isn't it fun? I live in this thing. So comfy, but sassy too. 

That's all for today -- stay warm, friends.


  1. I've had my eye on that LSJ top for quite sometime... might have to snag it!! My thoughts are with you and your family about the passing of Drake. Dogs are truly family and losing them is so unbelievably hard! Hang in there!

  2. that sweatshirt is adorable...and I'm so sorry to hear about Drake. Dogs truly are our first born children, and I know that I'll be heartbroken once Bogey passes on.

  3. Elizabeth Taylor was no fool.

  4. It must be very tricky being both mumma's!
    But I must admit, kinda wish I new what a snow day felt like!

  5. We have so much ice in Greenville, NC. yuck! Stay warm! Xoxox

  6. Ice is the pits. Our power has been out since 9:00 last night!

  7. LSJ is such a fun line. One of my good girlfriends has been with the line from day one and it's been so fun to follow along with their success!

  8. That sweatshirt is so cute. I'm so very to sorry to hear about Drake. May you find comfort in the happy memories you have during this difficult time. Hugs

  9. Can you please do a post on what you like to buy at Aldi???


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