Muddled Blueberry Moscow Mule Recipe

You may know by now that I have a weakness for a creative cocktail, and when I was given an opportunity to try out the Arctic Chill muddler, I was all in. This muddler features a stainless steel grip with a grooved nylon head.

I'd been looking for new twists to the traditional Moscow Mule recipe, and this Muddled Blueberry Moscow Mule was definitely a winner. Fresh blueberries muddled together with half of a lime, topped with lots of ice, blueberry vodka, and ginger beer -- so refreshing, and easy to make.

Muddling is an easy way to take a cocktail up to the next level. Muddle fruits like berries, citrus wedges, watermelon -- herbs like thyme, mint, rosemary -- or even kick it up a notch with a muddled jalapeno slice or hot pepper. I will definitely be muddling some fresh jalapeno slices in my next margarita. Cocktail possibilities galore!

For this particular cocktail, I followed this recipe:

Muddled Blueberry Moscow Mule
makes 2

Blueberry vodka
One bottle ginger beer
Small handful blueberries
One lime

Slice your lime in half and use a citrus squeezer to add the juice to each copper mug. Toss the hull of the lime in each mug. Add in blueberries to each mug and use your muddler to muddle, muddle, muddle all of those great flavors together. Top each mug off with 2oz. blueberry vodka, half of the bottle of ginger beer (which is non-alcoholic), and enough ice to fill the mug. Done!

Now it's time to concoct your own! 

Can't find ginger beer? Amazon has a 4-pack from Sur La Table for $8 (here).

Sur La Table Fever-Tree Ginger Beer, 4 Pack

Moscow Mule copper mugs are also on Amazon, both of these options are Prime eligible too!

Set of 4 16oz. mugs (available here)

Set of 2 16oz. mugs (available here)

The citrus squeezer I love is this one. I like it because it's a 2-in-1 and does lemons and limes.

I also am a huge fan of my electric juicer, a wedding gift that we use all the time!

Happy muddling, happy cocktailing! Cheers!


  1. I've been pretty much off liquor in the new year but have been craving a margarita -- thank you for the reminder about muddling in some goodness!

  2. Moscow Mules are my fave so I can't wait to try this version.

  3. Yum! I'm a big mojito lover so am no stranger to muddling and juicing in the name of fun cocktails! That muddler looks really nice, I like the wide base - looks like it can cover a lot of ground; ours is a bit on the skinnier side. Cheers to Thursday! (which is my Friday so there will certainly be an "end of week" cocktail in my evening : ) hah)

  4. Can you please do your Aldi post?!?

  5. Oh yes. This is calling my name this summer! xx

  6. I love them at resturants but when I try to make them at home I hate them.. maybe ill give your version a try!

  7. OH my! I can't wait to try this. And i'm loving those mugs!

  8. This cocktail looks so good! Once baby is here I think a Moscow Mule is going to be my first cocktail!

  9. YUM! I will definitely be trying this soon with our new mugs :)

  10. Sounds delish!! Definitely going to try this when the warm weather is here to stay!

  11. I want to join the Fitbit challenge! My email is


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