My $4 Smooth Skin Trick

I've been trying to pare down my beauty products and clear out items that are taking up valuable space.

I'm a total sucker for face products, especially masks. I purchased this charcoal and black sugar mask not too long ago, but I didn't always have the time to use it as a mask.

The other evening, I was washing my face as I normally do, but I decided to add in a quarter-sized amount of this polishing mask to my Philosophy cleanser. I was amazed at how much smoother my skin was! Since then, I have also used this mixture of my creamy face wash with the polishing mask along with my Clarisonic. It definitely adds extra oomph. My skin really seems ready to soak up my nightly moisturizer.

You can't beat a $4 addition to your nightly routine that makes your skin so smooth and exfoliated. I just had to share this great and inexpensive find!


  1. I've been eyeing this mask for a while! I really like the Biore charcoal face wash so I've pretty much been looking at anything with charcoal!

  2. I will try this! I love charcoal masks and for $4 can't beat that!

  3. I've tried this and I loved it much better as a scrub then a mask. It left my skin really soft and glowing, but when I do masks, I like them to thick. I have to agree, you can't beat the price. I actually tried it on my feet too getting them ready for pedicure season, amazing! Recommend doing it before bed as it leaves that oily film.


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