Cinco de Mayo + My Most Influential Teacher

Today is one of my favorite days ... happy Cinco de Mayo!

10 Inspiring Cinco de Mayo Vector Illustrations

My mom is in town, so Ian and I actually have a little date night planned this evening. I never turn down a fiesta opportunity, ha! Bring on the margs, guac, and queso. And I love refried beans. I feel like that is a total "love it or hate it" food but I'm going with LOVE. 

The spot we are checking out this evening has live music, so that's always a big plus too. And tomorrow night I am going to a Cinco de Mayo themed bunco evening with some of my very favorite girlfriends!

Cinco de Mayo ties in with my blog post from yesterday about inspiring teachers. I have had some pretty amazing teachers in my life, two that stick out in my head from high school and another two from college. 

I entered high school with two years of French under my belt and continued on with French classes. In my junior year, I decided to make the switch to Spanish and was immediately taken with the language. My Spanish teacher, Senora Lewis, was sunshine embodied in a person. She was sweet, patient, kind, motivating, and cheerful. Exactly what you would want in a teacher.    

This is a photo of us taken in the last days of my senior year of high school in South Carolina. I have not kept up with her and am not sure if she is still teaching, but if she is, there are certainly some lucky students sitting in her desks. I am going to see if I can reconnect with her. I'd love to let her know that I ended up becoming a Spanish major in college and that she played a very large part in that decision. 

So, cheers to everything I love about the Mexican culture, and cheers to teachers like Senora Lewis who make such an important impact on students' lives!


  1. Happy Cinco De Mayo! Have fun with your hubby tonight! :)

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  2. Enjoy date night tonight and the time with your girlfriends tomorrow! Sounds like a recipe for the perfect celebratory week!! ;) I'm sure Señora Lewis would be so honored by your words here. Best wishes in reconnecting with her!!

  3. Enjoy date night and I'll see ya tomorrow!

  4. What a great story! Good teachers are hard to find! Hope you had a day full of yummy food!

  5. I loved my language teachers, too - not only did I learn a language but a love of French cultures, food, music, etc!

  6. I loved my high school Spanish teacher too- she made the class fun and interesting! I'm jealous you got in a Cinco de Mayo date night. I love all things marg and guac related and thanks to baby tantrums/delayed bedtime, I didn't even get around to making tacos : ( (full disclosure: I totally gave up and threw a frozen pizza in the oven... blah.)


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