Besties Weekend at the Lakehouse

Last weekend was a real treat because I was able to spend it with one of my very best girlfriends Ashley and her daughter Ella!

They were able to hit the road Friday and we were so excited to see them! Camille had a spare seat at her table just waiting to be filled with a friend. This children's table is one that I used to sit at as a little girl -- my mom got it out of the attic and my dad put a fresh coat of paint on it.

It was my first time of meeting Ella which is just crazy. She is two months older than Camille. Of course I'd seen tons of photos and heard all about her, but it was just so wonderful loving on her. The gals sported matching bibs that Mom made!

They had breakfast together the next morning...

... and then we took the girls for a walk and a boat ride with my parents. We took the boat out to lunch and the girls split a grilled cheese sandwich. 

Camille only is a 30-minute napper while Ella will sleep for two hours, so she had a homemade ice cream sandwich while Ella slept. My mom made these using caramel mini-rice cakes and light Cool Whip. They are so tasty!

We didn't have a baby pool or a water table, so we improvised and put some toys in a cooler filled with water out on the porch. 

Then the girls headed upstairs for bathtime!

Once the little ones were down for the night, Ash and I poured a glass of wine and had some appetizers for dinner. The prosciutto-wrapped nectarines were my favorite!

We were sad to say goodbye to our friends on Sunday morning, but I have a feeling this will be an annual trip.

One more lakehouse adventure awaits us this summer, and then we say goodbye to our family lakehouse as it gains new owners ..., but all for a good reason -- my parents purchased the property across the cove and will begin building a new house there this fall!


  1. They are too cute together! We have a family lakehouse too and I cannot fathom the day that my parents sell it....even though I know it is coming. Our lot is very steep and you can't see much of the lake, my parents are wanting a flat lot and better lake views. Which I can't complain about either :)

  2. My parents are retiring and moving to the lake in SC. They're in the process of building their house and I am so looking forward to spending time there with family and eventually getting to have my girlfriends and their families come for weekend get-aways like this as well!

  3. Um how stinking cute are these girls? That weekend looks so fun! I'm jealous. :)

  4. They are presch! Glad you girls had fun together!

  5. It's not yet 10 am and I'm drooling over that snack plate.....

  6. Such a sweet and special weekend! Xo, Stephanie

  7. Always enjoy reading about the lake house adventures. The girls are adorabe. A pleasure visiting your blog again.


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