Lakehouse + Symphony Fun

We had such a nice time with my mom's extended family relaxing at the lake for one last big gathering before the move across the lake. 

Camille was given her first Adirondack chair with a custom cover made by my aunt! She quickly learned how to get in and out of it without our help and it's been so cute seeing her in a chair her own size. 

With her Aunt Yaya

There was plenty of noodling going on all weekend long. (PS, the wobbly dock you see directly across the way is our family's new property!)

Leaving the house yesterday was sad. I spent some time helping to pack up the house ... my parents need to be out of it this coming weekend. We built this home about 20 years ago and now it will belong to someone else. At least we have lots of great memories and many photos now pulled together in a beautiful memory book by my aunt. We surprised my parents with it on Friday evening and it was nice reliving all of those fun moments in the book.

We came back to Charlotte and had a pretty relaxing Fathers Day. I did have a babysitter coming over so that Ian and I could go to Pops In The Park last night. A blast as always! 

Now back to the grind. I still haven't kicked this cough/congestion I have and am SO ready to get over it and feel better!


  1. Love the idea of listening to the symphony in the park! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I love the mini Adirondack chair! Hope you feel better soon ;) ~Ree

  3. That chair is so cute. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Love the chair cover! So cute. :) sounds like a bittersweet but fun weekend!

  5. I know that's got to be a little sad, leaving a house that has so many memories but the (VERY!) bright side is that you still have a lake house!! : ) I've had some sinusy crud for two weeks now and I'm over it too girl!!!

  6. Our son is almost 15 weeks old, and we have YET to have a babysitter for him. How did you go about finding one that you are comfortable with? I'm so nervous leaving him with someone who isn't family. But at the same time, me and my husband DESPERATELY NEED alone time / a date night!

    What lake is that? Murray? Wateree? Our family has a lake house at Santee that I grew up spending summers at. Well, we went back and forth between there and the beach house at Cherry Grove (North Myrtle Beach). The family sold the Cherry Grove home about 3 summers ago - heartbreaker! SO many memories there and at the lake house!


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