Feeding The Baby (13 Months) ... Updated Favorites

So Camille is now 13 months (going on 13 years old... #sassy) and the days of 4oz of pureed apples for a meal are lonnnnng gone. She is now eating like a champ!

Around 11 months is when we started migrating from a schedule of leading in with a milk bottle, then adding in small meals between milk feedings to a more "traditional" meal schedule of milk served alongside breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Outside of this new schedule she also has milk in the morning upon waking and a sippy of water at snacktime and any other time she would like.

She has not yet had juice and she was not a big fan of Diet Coke (KIDDING, KIDDING, my baby has definitely never ever had soda, ha!).

Here are some of our current favorites!

/// 1 ///
Boon Forb Silicone Brush (currently on sale at Target)
Germophobes, unite! Yes, I still like a traditional bottle brush, but this silicone-petaled wonder tool is an awesome bottle brush and it just doesn't seem near as germy as my normal bottle brush. I love this thing, it cleans her sippy cups and snack traps really well, and it's cute to boot. 

The end of the Boon Forb Silicone Brush is made to clean smaller areas like bottle nipples. This thing is the jam. 

 /// 2 ///
Boon Drying Rack (you can find this at Target, too!)
You will notice I am still loving my Boon grass drying rack. The one I have is the size called "Patch." Holds bottles, snack trips, and your favorite wine glass extremely well for drying. :)

/// 3 ///
Mamas & Papas Juice High Chair
This thing has been such a pleasure. (Who says that about a high chair?!)
But seriously, it wipes clean easily, and it also converts into a little toddler chair when you no longer need a traditional high chair. Baby gear can be pricey, so one that lasts for years and years and "grows" with your child scores high in my book.

We even got a little creative with a large Command hook under the countertop and have hidden our little clean-up set, because man oh man, we make a lot of messes and it's nice to have this hiding within reach (but out of eyesight).

/// 4 ///
Boon Snack Ball ... Camille can say "ball" and she goes wild over this little thing. She likes shaking it and hearing Cheerios or Goldfish inside. She can't open the top (yet) but it is a cute little thing for me to throw in the bag for snacktime. 

 /// 5 ///
Chicco PocketSnack Chair Booster
Our newest baby gear addition! After seeing my girlfriend Ashley's Chicco booster, I was sold on it. As you can see from the first and second photo, it adjusts to a few different height settings easily. When we go to the beach in August for a week, taking this (which folds down completely for easy traveling) will enable us to have an easy high chair for Camille at the beach house and we can even take it to restaurants too. Love this thing.

I'd love to hear about any of your must-haves for this fun stage we are in!


  1. We have the boon drying rack and absolutely love it! It could be one of our most used items!

  2. That little snack ball is the cutest!

  3. We love Boon products in our house! So much more aesthetically pleasing than a lot of baby products:) We don't have that little scrub brush, so I'll be looking for that on my next Target trip - I'm like you, and am always questioning the cleanliness of my spongey scrub brush!

  4. These are my favorite for our daughter: The little tray catches so much of the food that she drops, so her clothes don't get messed up too bad. Plus they are really easy to wash up. I also love these plate sets: The plates suction to the high chair tray or table so they don't move around a lot. Plus they have such cute patterns and prints.

  5. I registered for the Boon drying stuff but I need to add that adorable little high chair to my registry too! I love that you can take it to restaurants!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  6. I need to get one of those PocketSnack Chair Booster's! Thanks for the tip :)

    <3 Melissa

  7. That brush is the cutest cleaning tool I've ever seen! The Chicco chair booster sounds like a great idea!

  8. pinning those highchairs! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. umm can I just buy that snack ball for myself? you know, to take to work haha it's cute and perfect for a purse! and perfect for baby snacks ;) that bottle brush is also super cute! gotta bookmark this page when I have a sweet baby to spoil with cute things
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  10. I am without child but think that the drying rack is awesome and would fit it our kitchen of adults very well!

    XO Taylor @ The Southerndoe

  11. I am without child but think that the drying rack is awesome and would fit it our kitchen of adults very well!

    XO Taylor @ The Southerndoe

  12. We are OBSESSED with Boon here, too! I actually have TWO Lawns since one wasn't enough. I also have the flowers and twigs for things like nipples, pacifiers, etc. OBSESSED!

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