Hunt For The Elusive "Cool" One-Piece

Last night I sat on the couch with Ian previewing the items that are part of Amazon Prime Day. This day boasts "more deals than Black Friday" -- okay Amazon, you have my attention now.

Amazon Prime is worth every penny ... especially in those newborn days, it certainly has proved its worth. As a new mom, running errands (something I always enjoyed) suddenly seemed near impossible and not worth the hassle. But, during a 2am nursing session, making a quick decision to try out a different brand of baby wipes or a different bottle brush suddenly seemed E-A-S-Y. All I had to do was click "add to cart" and my items were shipped free to me and on the doorstep in two days -- sometimes even the very next day.

Prime Day

So, if you are not an Amazon Prime member, but want to take advantage of some of the Prime Day deals today, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial HERE. If you don't feel like you'll keep it, order as MUCH as you want within that trial to reap the benefits, and then cancel. But, if you're like me, justifying the yearly membership will be a piece of cake. We order so many things using our free 2-day shipping ... coffee, diapers, baby wipes, paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper, diaper genie refills, phone chargers, books, baby gear, etc!

Amazon also has a rocking apparel department. Currently I'm on the hunt for a "cool" one-piece suit. Something that is sassy and sophisticated, but something that stays put. A suit that says I still care about fashion but a suit that says I am a mom ... of a busy toddler. No Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunctions at the neighborhood pool, no sirree.

I'd love your vote on the below options that are all part of the sale today. Today (July 15) only, they are an additional 30% off of the Amazon price, applied at discount. Plus, I can try on in the comfort of my own home (NO flourescent lighting) and send back -- for free -- the ones that don't fit. I am definitely taking advantage of the sale today to pick out a few suits. Not going to let this great sale and free shipping/returns pass me by!

1: Ted Baker // 2: Ted Baker // 3: Ted Baker // 4: Ondademar

I also just spotted this incredible option ...

Comes with a removable strap, too.

Oh, and for a coverup, I am loving this cute option from Tbags. Made in the USA!

And, not from Amazon, but at more than a TENTH of the price, this cute option from Choies.


So, what's your pick from the Prime Day Sale?

1: Ted Baker // 2: Ted Baker // 3: Ted Baker // 4: Ondademar
5: Nanette Lepore // 6: Trina Turk // 7: Trina Turk // 8: Kenneth Cole

Which one do you think looks the most like me?
Which one would you pick for yourself?


  1. I feel like straps are universally flattering - and helpful! - so my vote goes to #7 or #8

  2. #5, #7, and #8 are my picks! love them all though!

  3. Oh I love #6 & #7 and that one your posted alone - super cute back. Although typing it may pose to be a challenge! And even in a double knot, as someone who nannied for a family with 4 kiddos at the beach for 4 consecutive summers, someone whichever child was attached to the hip always thought it would be funny to try to untie the strings. Lots of knots!!! - Megan

  4. Ok so apparently I am incapable of typing correctly while on the phone, and cannot figure out how to edit a comment, so I'd like to edit the above comment because I am rather embarrassed. :)
    Original comment should read:
    Oh I love #6 & #7 and that one you posted alone - super cute back. Although tying it may pose to be a challenge! And even in a double knot, as someone who nannied for a family with 4 kiddos at the beach for 4 consecutive summers, somehow whichever child was attached to the hip always thought it would be funny to try to untie the strings. Lots of knots!!! - Megan

  5. Either number 6,7,or 8! Depends if you want to go with more pink shades or blue! :)

  6. This was my dilemma the other night....I could not go to the pool one more time in a Target bathing suit (nothing against it - I have many a Target suit) that didn't fit well, has lost it's stretch, and just wasn't doing me any favors. So I prepared with self tanner for a few days, strapped in the toddler, and braved Everything but Water. You saw how many I tried on. It was a physical workout getting in and out of everything and a mental one not judging myself on every lump and bump and size I never thought I would wear. BUT - I was victorious and I'm super pumped about my "cool" new one-pieces that are kid friendly. Definitely order several and try them on at home. During naptime. :)

    Then let's hit the pool!

  7. We've been talking about getting Prime for some time now, I think we would really utilize the benefits & it really is pretty cost efficient as well! I absolutely love one-piece swim suits, all of those options are adorable, however I think #7 would be my pick!!

    Happy Shopping :)

  8. love all of your finds! i tried on that second trina turk one and it is AMAZING.

  9. I vote for No. 4. All the strapless ones are great -- but I remember my toddler sometimes grabbing for me in the pool and I would be afraid those strapless numbers might come right down and expose a little to much booby for the public pool crowd.

  10. I adore 4! The pattern is very slimming!

    And yes, girl, we love some Amazon Prime... I swear we now order anything and everything that we need from Amazon... and free two-day shipping? You can't beat it!

  11. I love #6! You could totally rock that!

  12. Numbers 7 and 8 are my faves! I think the straps will help them sit better and help hold everything in:) Plus they'll keep a wardrobe malfunction at bay for sure:)

  13. i love amazon and free two day shipping but i was a little disappointed with their sales today (mostly bc nothing on my wishlist went on sale!) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  14. I recently bought #7 in black and pink so a word of warning about it. If you have "girls" (breasts) the suit is far more plunging than it looks in pictures and has a push up effect. I am a full C and the suit is pretty "boobalicious" if you get my drift. I like the suit and am fine wearing it in front of my husband or at the beach in Mexico but I probably wouldn't wear it at the mom and kid friendly neighborhood pool. I am rather prudish though. That being said, if your chest is a B cup or smaller, I think it would be very appropriate anywhere.

  15. I pick 2 & 5 for you...& 1 for myself!

  16. I'm loving the classic look of #4! ~Ree

  17. #7 #7 SO looks like you and i love the print, style and all the fun details!!

  18. The cover up from Tbags is perfection !!

  19. So - which did you get / keep? I, too, am OBSESSED with Amazon Prime. I got it as a Christmas gift from my husband before Conner was born in March. LIFESAVER! We still order at least weekly...sometimes a few times a week. Super convenient, and worth the annual price because of the 2 day shipping and free returns!


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