Nice Long Weekend

We are back from a long weekend at the beach, and I am relaxed, happy, and a wee bit sunburned.

I have lots of photos to share from the weekend, but could not resist sharing one glimpse of this special girl that I got to meet yesterday. One day old! This is Classic Annie's little pride and joy -- a fellow blogger and a girlfriend of mine. Nobody knew if they were expecting a girl or boy, so it was so very exciting to wait for the news of her arrival! 

A July 4th baby. I told her yesterday that she will never have to go to school (or likely work) on her birthday -- and she will always be able to celebrate with fireworks! 

I hope you had a safe and happy 4th and that you enjoyed some nice time with family and friends. Also - TEAM USA ... so proud of our ladies dominating the soccer field last night! 


  1. So sweet! We were due on the 4th and unfortunately still waiting… remind me of y'all waiting for your little to be born over a year ago!

  2. Oh my goodness! I follow Classic Annie's blog and I'm so excited to hear her news! A little girl! What a joy and how special that you got to meet her! :)

  3. Camille in the sunglasses is the greatest.

  4. What a fantastic weekend! Cannot believe that baby is HERE! And as always, Camille is looking so dang cute!

  5. Gahhh so jeals you already got to meet that sweet little girl!!!!

  6. I'm so glad you came over! It was really special having you meet our girl! xo


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