Picture Me Strollin'

They See Me Strollin'

I check out fellow mamas ALL the time, mostly for their BABY GEAR. 
Yep, the #1 way that I do product research is just by looking around me and taking notes.
It's the best way to learn!

Here are my favorites (and my wishlist items) of the stroller variety.

BOB Revolution SE: At Target here
We have this in navy and I sort of think I could take Camille anywhere in it. Mountains, desert, beach, you name it. The large wheels give it tons of power and shock-absorbancy. We LOVE our BOB. And I love the navy color.

BuggyButler: On Zulily now (search BuggyButler) and similar at Bed Bath and Beyond
Yesterday I ordered this BuggyButler to put on our BOB and I can't wait for it to arrive! It boasts two insulated cup holders, a built-in cooler, cellphone pocket and dry cargo area for diapers, keys or wallets. Cha-ching.

Alternate choice: I also love this 3 Sprouts version on Amazon.


Brica Phone Pod Mount: On Amazon here
Under $10 and Amazon Prime eligible
This is the NUMBER ONE gadget I get asked about on our stroller. Everyone wants to know where I found my fancy-shmancy cell phone holder! I love this thing, and it's adjustable to fit many phones.

Double duty: You can also use this phone mount on the treadmill to hold your phone in place while exercising.

Clip-on Fan: On Amazon here
My next purchase. I want this for my stroller, and I also think it'd be great for my backseat (my Honda does not have rear vents ... BOO). During really hot days, I would love to clip it to the backseat headrest bars to send more air Camille's way. Super inexpensive and worth every penny. Prime eligible, also!

Carrier Toys: On Amazon here and also in my Etsy shop :)
Gotta keep them stimulated and occupied! Bonus points for toys that aren't an eyesore!

 Baby Carrier Custom Ribbon Toy

The Mommy Hook: On Amazon here
I once thought these were uber-unnecessary, but I live by mine. I can fit my purse and a shopping bag or three on it as it hangs from the handle of the carseat. Love this inexpensive gadget. A great item for a baby shower, and only $6.99.

Do tell ... do you have any of these items?
Any other stroller-related recommendations?


  1. The Mommy Hook - yes!!! And I've been debating a stroller caddy, and hearing that it's available on Zulily makes me much more prone to grab one;)

  2. I need a mommy hook!! You'd think being on the second baby I would have one by now but nope! Love the fan idea too. So helpful in this NC heat.

  3. I have the fan. I do have to say it works just ok. Nothing fabulous, but it still kind of gets the job done. My son likes to make it stop spinning. If you really want to try it for yourself for an even cheaper price, it's only $5 dollars at Wal Mart! So

  4. we have that fan and it was one of the best things we bought this summer! it makes downtown walks in the heat bearable for Vi! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. I love those little bins with the whale and elephant. That phone holder sounds like a great idea too!

  6. We have that style fan - got it at Buy Buy Baby for $10 I think! With this a Texas heat we use it all the time!! We've had to change batteries in it a few times! Ha! Definitely something we couldn't live without! & yes, some sort of cargo catch-all thing is a must! I picked up ours at buy buy baby also & love it! I do love that that one has an insulated area... Very cool!!

  7. Do you run with your BOB?? I am trying to decide on the best model for running, walking on trails, and general needs. We live in Boone, so I need something stable that can handle trails but also not too heavy to push up hilly sidewalks. Thanks for the gear suggestions!

  8. LOVE the phone mount. Mine used to fit in a spot on our stroller… but the latest iPhone it too big :(
    We had a bob and loved it… but it got stolen!
    The fan is awesome! Whenever we use it on our littles, everyone asks where we got it!

  9. Cell phone holed? Um, that is amazing! Thanks for the tips, mama! Let's stroll together soon!!!!! xx

  10. Love these tips! Stroller obsession has taken over my life.

  11. We have the Double BOB and LOVE it!! We got the infant carseat attachment so we could use it right after James was born and it was SO handy!! It is such a beast of a stroller and just rides so smooth!! And I love how compact it folds up for being so heavy duty- the double BOB fits absolutely fine in the back of my van with some room to spare!! LOVING that fan...thinking that would be the perfect thing to clip on an infant car if you have a little baby at the beach or pool!

  12. Let me just say that I could not LIVE without my Mommy Hook! One of the best inventions EVERRRR, in my opinion!

  13. Look into the noggle for rear car ac (I think that's what it's called). Know several that have it & love it.

  14. bookmarking away! I will need this posts when I have my own little babes running abound :) already loving the phone mount for the stroller and treadmill!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  15. Looooove the BOB!!!! And the Mommy hook for sure!!!! Good picks, Mama :)

  16. I don't have any of these items, but with a little one on her way in October, I am definitely filing this away! Thanks for sharing. :)

  17. ummm oh my word what a lifesaver post! Thanks for sharing! xo

  18. I've had my Mommy Hook since my first son 9 years it..and you should get the stroller fan, it was the only way I survived being able to take my then brand new infant out on strolls in the Charleston summer heat. Also it's great to snap onto the beach tent. I have the Baby Trend Expedition jogger...way less than the BOB and even as someone who loves to run, I feel it does the job just as well.

  19. I have the mommy hook and it is wonderful!! I always just leave it clipped on to the stroller..just incase! Great post! I am probably going to buy all of these products...I need them all!


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