A Post About Diapers

A little love for the diaper changing station favorites today.

Because, why not. :)


I've split up our must-haves into three categories: changing station basics, treat, and swim time (plus my #1 favorite at the end of the post). Shopping links are from my two favorite shopping sites, Target and Amazon!

Changing Station Basics

Diaper Genie Elite: We love this thing. Easy to change out bags, too. (Target // Amazon)

Diaper Genie refill bags: We use two different kinds of refills. The first is the Diaper Genie brand which we order as part of the Subscribe and Save program through Amazon Prime (Target // Amazon) and also Diaper Pail brand which is a little less expensive and available in 4-packs on Amazon. I like them both easily, and the only major difference I've noticed (besides price) is that my diaper pail lid closes easier with the Diaper Genie brand. Sometimes I have to manually close it if I'm using the Diaper Pail brand. Not a deal breaker for me!

Pampers Swaddlers: Camille wore these diapers home from the hospital, and while we've tried out others (Honest Company, Huggies, Pampers Baby Dry, Pampers Cruisers), I still prefer the Swaddlers. They have a nice mesh liner and I like that they are mainly white, which works best with her white bloomers and light-colored outfits. They feature the line down the front that shows when it's wet. (Target)

Pampers Sensitive Wipes: We've been using these since day one. Love 'em. (Target)

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Packs: As Camille has grown older, her diapers have become a little more, ahem, powerful. I drop one of these pearl packs (safe around humans and pets) at the bottom of the Diaper Genie and it removes any bad smells that may be lingering in the pail. These are now being carried in-store at Target.


Triple Paste: This came highly recommended to me by Christina at Carolina Charm. We went Camille's whole first year without ever needing this, and then BAM, she got diaper rash so bad one day that her daycare teacher called me to come pick her up from school. This Triple Paste went on like thick, creamy icing and is what I fully attribute her quick healing to. Every mama should have some. (Target // Amazon)

A+D Ointment: This ointment is transparent rather than paste-like, and I use it for times when she may just have a hint of irritation, or if I want to use something preventatively. (Target // Amazon)

All Natural Boudreaux's Butt Paste: The daycare teachers' favorite diaper rash cream. (Target // Amazon)

Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment: This one takes the award for BEST SMELLING diaper rash ointment! This was part of a gift pack I was given, and I fell in love with it. Seriously smells like a spa. (Target // Amazon)

Swim Time

Pampers Splashers: These disposable swim diapers pull right on like Pull-Ups and then you just tear the sides to remove them. Insider tip (which I had to Google one day): the Dora design goes on the front, and the Pampers logo will be on the backside. I don't know if it even really matters, but not knowing was driving me crazy one day. (Target // Amazon)

iPlay Cloth Swim Diaper: This is a reusable diaper which means that you will wash it out each time. We have this one in plain white which is great for wearing under all different swimsuit patterns. (Target // Amazon)

Bonus: My #1 Must-Have

Mustela Physiobebe! (Target // Amazon)
The most divine-smelling rinseless cleanser,
perfect for a yummy smelling baby bottom!

I'd love to hear about your diaper station must-haves!


  1. Oh my! WE've been out of diapers for about 6 months now but will soon be returning with the TWINS. I can't even imagine how much more "stuff" we'll need! haha

  2. We cloth diaper so our list looks totally different… but I like the idea of the pearl pack… I might give that a try around the house in general!

  3. i havent tried buttpaste yet but maybe it's time! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. I had NO idea about those pearl packs!! I need to get some ASAP!!!!

  5. LOVE this post! Buying those odor remover packs riiiiiiiiight NOW!

  6. Great list! I'm going to have to check out that fresh wave odor pack! Since we've started solids... Oh my!! Phew!! We're a huggies family though... Although I've heard that huggies tend to work better for boys & pampers for girls. I have friends with boys who use pampers though so who knows!? The pampers were just too tight around his little/big thigh! Haha! Also, we use the target brand of diaper pale liners for the diaper genie! They are a little less cost-wise, come in a 3 pack & are often on the cartwheel app!!

  7. We cloth diaper too - but the one thing I love are toddler flushable wipes. We used cloth wipes for so long and then I just recently switched to the flushables - so much easier! I really need to do a cloth diaper post too!

  8. Seriously love this post. Thanks, pretty mama, for the wisdom! xx

  9. I have never heard of that Mustela product! I'm definitely putting that on my shopping list. Thanks for the new find, friend! :)

  10. Soooo excited about the odor removing packs! !! I also just realized how "mom" I sound getting excited over air fresheners: )

  11. Thanks so much for sharing the products you use! It's good to know about the odor removing packs; I'm definitely pinning this post for reference!

  12. The pearl packs...already added to my Amazon cart. Another thing I keep on the changing table is an OxiClean Gel Stick. When we take off clothes that are stained, I rub a little on and throw it in the hamper. The stuff can stay on up to a week before washing. Makes laundry day a tad bit easier!

  13. Love the idea of the pearl packs! I'm going to have to look into those. We used Swaddlers when my son was little and Target brand now (sigh, come on potty training) and once I realized Emmy isn't prone to diaper rash we use Target brand for her too. I love triple paste. I just got into essentials oils and lavender oil with coconut oil as a carrier is amazing for diaper rash, helping with sleep, and I've used it for a rash from a different laundry detergent. I recommend it to everyone. :)

  14. I have a diaper post in my drafts right now ;) I keep hand sanitizer just in case I'm in a hurry or a curious toddler tries to put a hand in a diaper before I can take it away ;) I need to try the triple paste. I still haven't found a diaper rash cream I love.

  15. One thing that helps & is a little less money than the pearl packs is activated carbon/charcoal. Amazon & Walmart carry it.


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