Friday's Trip To The Nature Museum

This past Friday we had a brand new adventure -- a trip to the Nature Museum. The Nature Museum, located close to Freedom Park in Charlotte, is owned by Discovery Place (which we are also big fans of). It's significantly smaller than Discovery Place, but it was easier to get to and the perfect way to spend a couple of hours with friends. 

Camille had the perfect little shirt and bloomer set that my mom made her ... butterflies, snails, and worms!

I think the part the girls enjoyed the most was the butterfly pavillion. They got to see all different colors of butterflies flying around and landing on the flowers. 

And my fearless daughter also got THISCLOSE to a bird.

(I think the bird was interested in that little piece of Goldfish stuck to her pinky)

And a skunk! A real live skunk ... behind glass, thank goodness. 

Other than this, the girls splashed at the water table, played with lots of fun nature-inspired toys, went down the slide, and saw a puppet show with a good life lesson about respecting nature. Both Camille and Gigi fell in love with this cute push toy. It's always fun to see what toys children gravitate towards when it's not at their home.

I would definitely recommend the Nature Museum as a great way to spend an hour or two with little ones! I know we will be back.


  1. What a fun little adventure, and her outfit is so cute! Your mom is definitely talented. :)

  2. We love the Nature Museum! Did you go outside? There were some cute things to do outside last summer. My kids always love the butterfly pavilon too - that and the part were you can look like a bug, and the baby mice! Love those pink sneaks and the necklace ;)!

  3. I should bring you that alligator push toy! I got it for my nephew years ago, then it was passed down to Emmy, & now is just taking up space in my mom's toy closet!

  4. Our favorite little kid place in Charlotte! Definitely worth the membership!

  5. OMG, Ella is OBSESSED with that alligator push toy!!! We will have to join y'all next time you go! :)

  6. So much fun! I hope my future kids are half as cute as Camille <3

  7. So fun!! I wonder if there is something similar in FW!? I will have to check!!

  8. We have that push toy, Fitz loves it!

  9. So fun! She's such a cutie. We'll have to check out that museum next time we're in CTL.


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