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Our week at Oak Island beach started off with a bang as my cousin Ben married his sweetheart Jennie. They got hitched in the most gorgeous setting -- under large trees and overlooking the water in Southport, NC. It was a true family affair and we all  helped out in ways big and small. One neat thing was that Jennie wore the same wedding veil that my mom wore, then my aunt, then me, then my sister Laura. 

We had to leave the reception early to go check in to our beach house for the week and get Camille settled for the night. She usually goes to sleep at 7 but she was WIRED so Ian and I took her across the street to the ocean and let her play in the water and sand in her little smocked dress. She got soaked and sandy. It tired her out (and us, too!). 

Since then, we have just been relaxing, chasing Camille around, eating well, and having good family time. Ian could only stay Saturday night as he was unable to take this week off. Since then, my brother-in-law, middle sister, and Dad have also had to head home. Now it's just me, Millie, Mom, and Laura. 

Here are some photos from our great beach trip. :)

Provision Company in Southport = excellent atmosphere!

First corn ON the cob. She's a fan. 

We had a great breakfast yesterday morning at Russell's Place. Camille ate pancakes and scrambled eggs and charmed the locals. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful week as well!


  1. I was at Southport last fall and remember checking that place out that was having a wedding there. It is a beautiful place. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Camille is adorable in her beachwear.

  2. I love Provisions! Camille is so cute and all of her head gear is to die for! That little bonnet! So sweet!!

  3. Love Southport! We got married at the community center as well. Such a unique venue. I LOVED it! Provisions is one of the best places in town. Love Camille's outfits she is darling.

  4. She is so cute!! And I just visited the Carolinas, specifically that area at the beginning of summer!

  5. what a nice time and so sweet about the veil. I actually brought mine with me to Fl on my last trip to let me Godniece wear for her upcoming wedding. I love that she's going to :)

  6. I have a cousin Ben who married a Jennie and they just had twins:) Love following along with your blog...looks like you're enjoying some sweet family time!

  7. So so fun!! I love beach trips with family! I'm glad you're having the best time! Your family is the cutest!


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