Holiday Gift Guide GAMEPLAN!

Thank you all so much for your awesome input on yesterday's question regarding holiday gift guides. What I heard overwhelmingly is -- I already know what to get my best girlfriend, keep the suggestions affordable yet unique, and focus on meaningful and really relevant gifts that I personally would purchase or have purchased. Done and done ... we haaaave a gameplan!

Green satin ribbon with black and white stripe wrapping paper for Christmas presents.. modern and classy.:

Here are the six categories I decided to highlight this year:
  + My Personal Wishlist/Favorites
  + Baby
  + Toddler (I'm splitting this up from baby up for a fun reason ... see below!)
  + The Man In Your Life
  + Parents and Inlaws
  + Colleagues/Coworkers: $10-$20 range

Being that there are going to be six shorter posts, I will break them up over the course of two or three weeks so that I can continue to post non-shopping topics. Like three ingredient appetizers and cute things my kid does ;)

Okay, I also have another fun idea up my sleeve. I would like to turn the mike over to you and hear from you via email ( if you have any suggestions to include in the above categories. When I write the gift guides, I will feature one suggestion from a reader. Maybe you gave a gift to your inlaws last year that was such a slam-dunk that you just have to share it! Also, don't be afraid to toot your own horn if you own an Etsy shop and would like me to feature something of yours for a category above. Please just let me know that it's okay to use your first name and what category/categories you have a suggestion for. And if you do have a blog or Etsy shop, I'd love to link to it.

Okay, signing off for now, but I'm way more excited than ever about holiday gift guides this year! I hope you are looking forward to seeing what I -- and some fellow readers -- plan to purchase this year!

gift wrap for kids:


  1. Wait! Don't forget your super fun "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things" link-uppppppppppppp! xo

  2. I ordered a super cute monogrammed 25 oz Camelback for my sister & one for me from White Elephant designs. They are SO cute and who doesn't need to drink more water?!?! They are $30 each

  3. Fun idea!! Can't wait to read :)

  4. Loving your gift guides, thank you for sharing! It'd be interesting though to have some gift inspos for men, since they're notoriously hard to shop for!


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