Holiday Gift Guide: Coworkers and Colleagues $10-20

I heard from several of you in my post asking for gift guide guidance that you were often stumped by what to get for your coworkers. There's no need to spend a ridiculous amount on this group (since you are most often buying for several folks), but you do want to have a nice way of saying "heyyy, thanks for getting my back when I replied-all that one unfortunate time."

This list has items all in the $10-20 range, for those colleagues who really mean a lot to you. But don't think that you even have to spend that much ... a single serving bottle of wine tied with a big plaid bow and a quick "Cheers!" written in gold paint pen on the bottle will run you about $2 and would be a really cute idea if you work with a larger group of peers.

Here are a few ideas that I have of ways to spread holiday cheer to your 9-5 comrades. (8-6, who are we kidding?)

BTW: These all contain Amazon and Etsy links for those of you looking to shop online ... my personal preferred vendors for shopping for the holidays. :)

Coworker Gift Guide

1 - Acrylic Stapler // 2 - Kate Spade Journal // 3 - Fresh Poinsettia // 4 - The Southerner's Handbook // 5 - Electric Wine Opener // 6 - Nest Holiday Votive Candle // 7 - Smitten Monogram Tumbler

1: Acrylic Stapler (on Amazon here)
I worked with one sweet gal in particular who was an office supply fiend. She wanted her desk to be stocked with supplies, and it all had to be CUTE. This acrylic and gold stapler has her name all over it and would have

2: Kate Spade Journal (on Amazon here)
Journals like these can be used for just about anything ... notes during a team meeting, personal to-dos for the workday, a voicemail log, or grocery lists on slow workdays. :) Plus, everyone feels spoiled when they unwrap a Kate Spade gift. Am I right?

3: Fresh Poinsettia 
I worked with the sweetest lady who brought our team members a fresh poinsettia at the beginning of each December -- each and every year. It was an inexpensive gesture but one that meant the most to me. I kept it on my desk all month and then brought it home when I went on Christmas vacation. You can pick these up at any garden store or hardware chain.

4: The Southerner's Handbook (on Amazon here)
My girlfriend Kerry got me this book, and whether your recipient is Southern or not, it's chock full of fun information about the best parts of the South! It is written by the editors of Garden & Gun magazine. A great book for a male or female!

5: Electric Wine Opener (on Amazon here)
My brother-in-law bought this Oster device for me a few years ago, and to be honest, my first thought was "honey, I can open a wine bottle with my teeth, I barely need an electric device for it." Well, color me WRONG because this is such a fun kitchen gadget! Inexpensive, too! It quickly removes the cork from the bottle and is always a hit when I host supper club. For those of you who enjoy happy hour with coworkers after a stressful workday, this is a fun gift for them to share your love of post-work vino.

6: Nest Holiday Votive Candle (on Amazon here)
I know you've seen this candle a gazillion times on blogs this holiday season (and the season before that, and the season before that....) BUT it's for a reason. This candle truly is the best holiday scent, hands down. It is an expensive candle, but the votive size packs a scent punch and is the right price for a coworker gift.

*** reader suggestion time!***
7: Smitten Monogram Tumbler (on Etsy here)
This tumbler is my reader suggestion pick from blog reader Sarah, and I think it would make an EXCELLENT coworker gift. We had a water cooler at my old work, and it was highly encouraged that we always use cups with lids (I followed that rule 98% of the time because I didn't want to be the clumsy space cadet that dumped a whole cup of water on my work-issued laptop). I think this monogrammed tumbler is such a great coworker gift -- personalized and practical. A wonderful price, too!

So, seven fun ideas to help you out this holiday season! If you have other ideas to add to the mix, please let us hear them in the comments section! (Oh, and if you want to share your suggestions for me of gift guide additions for baby/toddler/men/inlaws and parents, I'm all ears ... email me!)


  1. I love the fresh poinsettia idea! I love getting them as gifts too!

  2. Love the poinsettia idea too!:) And about died laughing with your response to your brother-in-law, "honey..." Hilarious. Adding the wine bottle opener to my list of "to grabs" now:)

  3. great ideas! i love the poinsettias and the candle. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Love the poinsettia idea! Who wouldn't want one of those??

  5. Great List!! Definitely honing to check these out . Love the idea of a fresh plant !

  6. I love your gift guide posts! Do you think you could do one for babies? I am not a Mom yet, and I have a 4 month old nephew. Wondering if you had any toy or book suggestions?

  7. I love your gift guides! Most guides I just roll my eyes at because seriously - who needs a blogger to tell them that men would love a flask or a new tie?

    I love the idea of the poinsettia - and the picture of it wrapped in burlap is so cute! I know our local green house has mini poinsettias that are so cute and a little different than the 'norm'.

    I know I have a few girls night gift exchanges that are requiring a $10 or $15 gift so I will be using some of your ideas :-)

  8. Love all of these ideas and the price points make them even better! Xo, Stephanie

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