Holiday Gift Guide: The Man In Your Life

Men can be so difficult to shop for. They want it or need it? They buy it. Like, in December. Which makes gift-giving that much harder. 

Here are some tried-and-true winners around these parts mixed in with a few items that I just know Ian would love. I hope this helps you in your search for the perfect gift for that man in your life, whether's it's a husband, boyfriend, best friend, brother, father, or in-law ... neighbor, accountant, pastor, Amazon delivery man, you get the picture.

Gift Guide: The Man In Your Life

1: Carhartt Vest (on Amazon here)
Ian likes the rugged look, and what can I say -- I like that look on him! This vest is currently $65, Amazon Prime eligible so free 2-day shipping, and it's sherpa-lined. Does one come in a womens' small?!

2: Reef Sandals with Built-In Bottle Opener (on Amazon here)
My sister got these one year for my dad. WINNER! Guys love showing off their gadgets and tools, and these flops with a built-in bottle opener are pretty genius. Technically, they may have to wait a few months to wear them, but they're so cool that you may just see your man trotting down the frozen driveway to fetch the paper wearing these flip flops in January.

3: Luminox Watch (on Amazon here)
Ian has owned this watch for a few years now and loves it. It's the most expensive item on the list here, around $170, but good for anyone who still needs a BIG gift for a guy. The fact that it's used by US Navy SEAL team members got Ian's attention ... and his immediate order. Highly recommend. And it looks tough.

4: Kiehl's Facial Fuel (on Nordstrom here)
Ian really likes Kiehl's products. They aren't frou-frou but they are a great quality skincare line. Ordering from Nordstrom gets you free shipping and returns, although I highly doubt you'll use the latter part of that offer. A great idea for a guy who wants to take care of his skin but wouldn't be caught dead using your pink Clarisonic. 

5: Tile Key Finder (on Amazon here)
Raise your hand if your husband loses his keys. You can't see me, but I've got both arms up. And a leg. Ian's getting this for Christmas ... at $25 and Prime eligible, a no-brainer.

6: In Harms Way (on Amazon here)
A book choice! I love giving (and receiving) books for Christmas. This is one of Ian's favorites. It is about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in 1945 and the tale of some of its' survivors. He absolutely devoured this book. 

*** reader suggestion time! ***
7: King Cube Tray (on J.Crew here)
This jumbo ice cube tray is a suggestion from my girl Owen of the blog Davis Duo. In her words: 
"A few years ago we went to Charleston and hubs had a drink with a huge ice cube in it. He LOVED the look of it as well as the fact that his drink didn't get watered down. So I knew I had to find one for his stocking. I found it at J Crew! It's perfect if your man is a whiskey drinker. Pop the ice cube out of the freezer and his whiskey won't get watered down." It's $9, and it looks like you can enter code TUESDAY today for 30% off.

Alright, there are my seven ideas for the man in your life. Tell me, what gift guide would you like to see next -- gifts for a toddler, or gifts for parents and in-laws? I'm all ears!

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  1. Stop it with those flip flops!! That's amazing. :) Love that watch and the key finder is perfect for my MOM!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aaron has the reef flip flops and the luminox watch- both two of his very favorite things!! Such a great guide April!

  3. Would love to see your suggestions for parents/in laws - always have a tough time and don't know how much I should spend!

  4. Oh, I totally know what to get my brother-in-law now: those flip-flops!!! Thanks!

  5. So fun to read! Thanks for doing these, April! We actually used the king cubes for our homemade baby food, because they were easy to get in and out :) and found them at good ole, TJMaxx for 4 dollars and then 2 on clearance! Hooray!

  6. Just wrote a long message & then somehow it got deleted, but thank you for pushing me to finally pull the trigger on the key finder! Another gift checked off my list for Rob!


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