Holiday Gift Guide: Parents and In-Laws, $10-$50 Budget

Buying for parents and in-laws is fun, but it can also be a challenge because they may want something more tasteful than trendy, more practical than "OMG cute." But leave the dustbusters on the shelves ... there are great options out there to be found! I've got a few suggestions to pass along today, all within a $10-$50 budget.

Gift Guide: Parents and In-Laws

1: Flower Delivery by The Bouqs (FREE bouquet with your first purchase offer here)
Let's start with a gift for people you actually won't see on Christmas. One of my favorite go-to presents is a nice flower delivery. Ian's grandparents always demand no gifts, especially now that they are in a smaller retirement community, but I can't let Christmas go by without them having a special holiday treat from their little Millie girl. :) Avoid the long lines at the post office and hefty shipping fees, and just have a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered. Sitting on their table, it's a daily reminder of you thinking about them over the holidays, and if they are hosting a shindig themselves, it helps them with decor! The link above is my referral link to you and it will earn you a free bouquet with your first purchase. So, go ahead and set up delivery NOW for December 22nd for someone special on your list, and then pick someone else (or yourself!!) to receive a second bouquet for free. I've been so, so happy with the quality of my flowers from The Bouqs and I especially LOVE that they have bouquets with a flat $40 cost, no hidden shipping charges added in, thankyouverymuch!

2: Wooden Backgammon Set (on Amazon here)
One of the things my parents enjoy doing together is playing backgammon with a beer or special cocktail in hand. This set is right under $50 and Prime eligible on Amazon, and it looks so nice. If your parents, in-laws, or really any couple in your life has a lot of fun playing games together (what? turn the iPads and televisions off??) then this is a really neat idea.

3: One Line A Day Journal (on Amazon here)
I've blogged about this before -- my middle sister gave me one a few years ago in my stocking and I love it! It's $10 and it allows you to jot down one line (or if you're a talker like me, three lines of small handwriting) for one day. Each page features the same exact day but it shows all five years. It's a great way to reflect on exactly what you were doing the year before and, hopefully, how far you've come. :)

4: Moscow Mule Mugs (on Amazon here)
Everyone loves Moscow Mules, but not everyone has a nifty set of glasses to make them at home! This set is beautiful, Prime-eligible on Amazon, and right under $50. Tie them all up in a cellophane gift bag with a cocktail stirring spoon on the bow and you are all set! There is an adorable printable recipe card that you can find here

5: Cook's Illustrated Subscription (on Amazon here)
This magazine subscription is for total foodies. Step into a test kitchen to read articles about the best recipes, cooking gadgets, and brands ... not a single lick of advertising found in the entire magazine, either! For example, one article may focus solely on the classic chocolate chip cookie, and how to achieve the BEST cookie (they will test various recipe versions, cooking ingredient brands, and cooking temperatures for you). If you have someone to buy for that loves to cook and appreciates GOOD food and recipes, this is a great match for them.

6: Fondue Pot (on Amazon here)
I've owned a fondue pot since I was in college, and it has definitely been put to good use! My favorite fondue to make is cheddar cheese (with half a can of dark beer in it) served with pumpernickel bread cubes and granny smith apple slices ... and who can forget chocolate fondue with crumbled Oreos in it, served with jumbo marshmallows and banana slices? This is around $30 on Amazon, Prime eligible, and to really take it to the next level -- if you are going to be with your gift recipient, make sure to pack the fridge or pantry with your fondue ingredients so you can help them break it in that night! Fondue is such a fun group activity to do together, especially during the holidays!

*** reader suggestion time! ***
7: Custom Handwriting Ornament (on Etsy here)
This beautiful and meaningful ornament is a gift suggestion from a blog reader Kendra, who actually owns this Etsy shop. As soon as I saw her custom handwriting ornaments, I was blown away. You'll need to act quickly on this item to give her ample production time before Christmas, but how sweet is this idea: you scan in the handwriting of a loved one, and she brings it to life on a wooden ornament. To capture a child's handwriting for a grandparent, or maybe to memorialize a family member that has passed, this is truly a gift with a lot of heart behind it. 

Two gift guides left ... one for toddlers, and my very own wishlist and favorites list this year! Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have found these enjoyable and helpful! I'd love to hear from you in the comments section if you decide to purchase any of these ideas. :)

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  1. Love the custom handwriting ornament! I've seen that in necklaces, too, and it's just so precious and sweet.

  2. This perfect! I am ordering the mugs, the ornament and the journal! Perfect ideas! Thank you for sharing!!!:)

  3. great list! i love those mugs. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Putting the journal in my Amazon cart now! What a neat way to record the sweet little things baby does daily rather pulling out the baby book! Loving your gift guides!

  5. And those flower arrangements from there last for at least two weeks!!!

  6. I just ordered the journal for my boyfriend! I love that idea!!

    Lauren :)

  7. I JUST ordered those exact same copper mugs last week to give as a birthday gift for a friend! The quality was good for the price, and I did wrap in cellophane but also added limes, mint, ginger beer and tiny bottles of vodka inside the cups! Twelve kinds of adorable.

  8. We have this exact backgammon set and love it! Like your parents, we love to open a good bottle of wine and sip and play....our rule is Winner wins 3/5 rounds! Thank you for sharing this's superb!

  9. Great ideas! I ordered 3 journals! I also ordered the Garden & Gun book and silicone baby bib from your previous posts. Thank you for the quality guides! For some reason, I'm not coming up with good ideas this year, so I appreciate your ideas to get my creativity flowing! Love that you opened it up to readers' suggestions, too.

  10. I have those One Line a Day journals - one for each baby. I've been writing in them since the day they were born, and will give them to them when they get older. That would be a perfect gift for a momma-to-be as well. :o)

  11. On my goodness, so many great ideas! The handwritten ornament is such a thoughtful gift! Xo, Stephanie


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