Holiday Gift Guide: Toddlers!

Okay, the last gift guide before my own personal list ... gifts for the wiggly, giggly toddlers in your life! This is a fun age because toys are getting to be even more interactive, and there are so many awesome educational toys out there, too. 

Here are some things that my Camille (18 months old) either loves or is getting for Christmas this year.

Gift Guide: Toddlers

1: Radio Flyer Wagon (on Amazon here)
I pulled a total mom move and polled my Facebook friends about what to look for in a wagon! I was tempted to go with the classic metal style but was surprised how SO many people strongly suggested the version with seatbelts. I got over my snobbishness about the plastic wagon and did decide that this will be a great one for Camille. It has two seats that also fold down for extra storage area. I think it will be great for fun in the driveway and backyard, and also helpful for beach trips and trick-or-treating!

2: Flash Cards (on Amazon here and here)
We already have one set of these and LOVE them. I like lining them up for Camille and telling her to find certain cards. Sometimes we even use baby sign language with these -- I'll make the sign for baby or shoes, and she will find the corresponding card. These are inexpensive, Prime-eligible, and fantastic gifts for babies and toddlers.

3: Felt Play Kitchen Food (on Etsy here)
I am so excited that Camille is getting some of these wonderful pieces for Christmas! My aunt is actually making them (she is SO talented) and we have several of her items listed in our Etsy shop!

4: Play Pots and Pans (on Amazon here)
My friend Sarah was the one who introduced me to this set of play pots and pans. They are great quality, and I think they will be so fun for Camille to use with her play kitchen (#7 below).

5: Tickle Monster Book and Gloves (on Amazon here)
All of the credit for this sweet book set goes to my friend Kristen! She is an awesome mom and is always coming up with the cutest things and best ideas for little ones. Her family gave this to Camille for her first birthday, and it is so much fun to read to her. The reader gets to wear these silly monster gloves and the book prompts you when you get to go crazy tickling your little one!

6: Play All Day Elmo and Elmo Fork and Spoon (on Amazon here and here)
If I say that Camille is obsessed with Elmo, it's just scratching the surface. Ian already bought her the Play All Day Elmo (which is actually pretty neat) and I think this inexpensive fork on spoon set from Amazon will be awesome for her stocking.

7: Play Kitchen (on Amazon here)
I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so excited! Camille gets a play kitchen this year!

*** reader suggestion time! ***
8: Boon Tubes (on Amazon here)
Thanks to a sweet reader Gigi for this cute bathtime toy suggestion. She said that the Boon Pipes bath toys are so much fun and really add some giggles to the nightly bath. I think Camille would be a big fan of pouring water through these pipes and watching the neat things that they all do. So smart!

I hope you have liked these toddler suggestions ... I'd love to hear if you have others to add or if you plan on purchasing some of these!


  1. Love the kitchen!

  2. Yes, to all of this!! We have 4 sets of those flash cards and they are amazing. Love those pots and pans and my daughter is getting that kitchen for Christmas. I'm sure she'd love the wagon, food toys and bath toys, too. Great list :)

  3. love that wagon! adding that to Vi's first birthday wish list! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. We have the tickle monster book and both of our kids love it! I've read it so many times I can recite most of it! That is definitely a must have.

  5. We just got the Tickle Monster book from my sister-in-law- it is SUCH A HOOT! I was seriously dying over Aaron wearing the blue tickle monster gloves! HA! One of my favorite gifts to give our toddler friends is the classic Fisher Price Doctor Kit (! It is gender neutral, extremely affordable and a toy that will get a lot of use! :)

  6. We got our twins the wagon for Christmas this year too. I couldn't decide between plastic and metal, but went with the plastic too. I can't wait to pull my twins around in this. I would love to get my girls that kitchen too!

  7. The wagon is a must! We used it on our walks to the community pool almost every day this summer - perfect for storing items & it's such a fun ride!

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  9. Great tips, April - I will be keeping these in mind for the future! You mentioned baby sign language when describing the flash cards. I've read a bit about this and am really intrigued. I would love to see a post on your experience with baby sign language sometime, if possible. Merry Christmas!

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