Rosemary Sugar Cookies (A Wannabe Recipe) + Christmas Notes

I'm not even going to call this a recipe. That would be doing a disservice to all recipes.

Camille and I attended a cookie swap playdate the other morning, and I brought three dozen Rosemary Sugar Cookies as my contribution. I was tight on time on Sunday -- we house-hunted for the first part of the day, then got wrapped up in the Panthers' amazing win that afternoon -- so I needed a way to make a yummy cookie, thirty-six of them, and not be up to the eyeballs in flour and eggshells.
I admit it. I used a break-apart sugar cookie as the base. I know, I know, judge away. But I broke off each block, softened the block with my hands a little, dipped the top in sugar, and then topped it with freshly minced rosemary. About 2/3 of the way through the suggested cooking time on the back of the package, I opened the oven door to add more rosemary to each cookie.
I do have to say that for the easiest cookie ever, these are DIVINE and really have a nice flavor to them. Next time I may even add a small pinch of sea salt to each cookie top!
Moving on, two more Christmas notes:
Camille is obsessed, obsessed with Olivia Helps With Christmas! We read it multiple times yesterday. I read it to her last year when she was seven months old, and I wasn't totally crazy about it then. But now that she is 19 months and LOVES it when mommy is silly, she and I are both totally into the book. There are certain parts that I can read in a funny voice, like when Olivia belts out "Gloooooo-riiaaaa!" as her family sings Christmas carols, and Camille just dissolves into giggles. I am passing along this book idea now, because although we're quickly nearing Christmas, I just saw in my order history that I ordered it December 13th last year. And it's Amazon Prime eligible! If you're looking for a cute Christmas story for a toddler, we love this silly one. The board book is less than $7, too. (on Amazon here)
Lastly, a little plug for our holiday bonnets. It's certainly not too late to order a bonnet for a little girl in your life and have it arrive before Santa comes. There are several sizes available, 0-18 months. We would love it if you would check out our Etsy shop! The Tipsy Bunny
Winter White and Tartan Plaid Reversible Bonnet  by TheTipsyBunny
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Navy and Tartan Plaid Reversible Bonnet  Size by TheTipsyBunny
Reversible Red Corduroy and Metallic Plaid Bonnet by TheTipsyBunny


  1. I just love those bonnets! Wish I had a cute little girl to put one on :)

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  2. those cookies sound so good! and no shame in the break apart cookie game ;) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. And those cookies were SO good! Definitely my favorites!!

  4. I was going to message you earlier about those cookies. Rosemary on top of a sugar cookie is genius

  5. Cookies!

  6. The cookies look so yummy and the bonnets are adorable!! Such a great cute idea!

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  7. No shame in using a cookie shortcut. I have a big bag of Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix that Landon and I will be using to make M&M cookies for Santa. ;)


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