Besties For The Resties (Recent Camille Pics)

I will say that the best thing about having Camille in my life has been fostering a give-and-take, SWEET relationship with her. The baby stage was awesome for numerous, obvious reasons, but this whole toddler stage is pretty fabulous. I just love her so much and am constantly in awe of what is going on in her brain. Seeing her personality blossom has been such a joy. Not to sound silly, but the most important thing to me is for her to always want to be around me (oh gosh, I know that won't be the case...) -- she just amazes me.

Little Miss is 20 months old tomorrow, and I thought I'd share some recent photos of her. My 28-week pregnancy appointment is this afternoon (oh hiiii, 3rd trimester!), so tomorrow I'm hoping to give a quick update on all things pregnancy-related since I'll have some updates on this sweet little babe who is growing like a weed and wiggling all over the place in my belly!

But for now, I present the coolest girl in the world.

waiting for my 26-week pregnancy appointment

earthfare, thank you. you have no idea how easy this made our grocery store trip.

me: "Camille, where is the rosemary?" - walked right up to the plant and touched it!

pretty sure we were looking at an airplane but just looks too much like
Saturday Night Fever and gives me the giggles. look out, Travolta!

sharing dada's sweet treat at Chick-fil-A this past Saturday while I was at the baby shower

a Sunday afternoon family walk around the 'hood

just being the cutest thing ever and also refusing to stay buckled in

"playing" arcade games with her friend Gigi at Sky Zone yesterday, but 
giving me major flash-forward feelings to 16 years down the road...

So Camille, please, let's be besties for the resties. Because I just think you hung the moon. 


  1. AGH! I just love her so much! I really cannot wait to see Camille with her baby bro/sis! Just when you think she can't get any more awesome, watching those interactions will blow your mind and melt your heart! Happy 3rd trimester mama!!!! You look fab! xx

  2. Those grocery carts are the best! Makes shopping so much easier!

  3. She is just so precious!! I love watching her on your snaps - they're so adorable!!

  4. So sweet! I hope to foster similar relationship with my baby girl.

  5. I hear you girl! This is the sweetest little age and I adore having my little gal pal follow me around wanting to help mama and do what I'm doing, whether it's folding laundry or wanting me to "do" her hair or nails or something else that I'm doing for myself. It's just precious. C is so adorable, glad life is good! Happy 3rd trimester!!

  6. love this! The relationship between a mama and little girl is just so precious

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  7. She is just so sweet! I have a 22 month old girl and I'm just in awe of her every single day.

  8. ugh my little girl is my bff too and i will cry big crocodile tears the day she no longer wants to spend time with me! she's so sweet & happy 3rd trimester to you! you look amazing!

  9. Love these peeks at your sweet girl! NB is a master at getting unbuckled and can't get enough of riding in the cart!

  10. She sure is a cutie! You have such a beautiful family. I can't wait to see it grow this year!

  11. i will cry big crocodile tears the day she no longer wants to spend time with me! she's so sweet & happy 3rd trimester to you! you look amazing! 2017 Calendar with Holidays

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