Low-Carb Football Playoff Appetizers & GO PANTHERS!

Alright now, Charlotte is officially ELECTRIC, and I don't know if you watched last night's playoff game at all or if you even give a hoot, but our team is f-u-n. Young guys filled with energy, passion, compassion ... and maybe they're just being coached really well by their public relations managers, but did you notice that in the post-game interviews, they are always first to give credit to their fellow teammates and the fans for their successes? 

Class act, guys. Way to make the Queen City proud!

So, let's talk food. (standard)

Navigating this playoff game menu with my recent gestational diabetes diagnosis was a bit more challenging than usual, but we didn't really have an option. Typically we would have had the classics -- chips and dip, pigs in a blanket, pizza, brownies. 

My new meal plan stresses the importance of watching my carbohydrate intake and balancing it out with proteins. I'm still learning, and I have a LOT more to learn, but I wanted to share the lower-carb appetizers we made for dinner last night ... and they were a success! Taste-wise and health-wise. An hour after eating, my glucose level was 90 when I pricked my finger which was great. 

First, I made these little zucchini "pizzas." I sliced the zucchini and placed the slices between paper towels for a few hours to get a lot of the moisture out. Then I sprayed a cookie sheet with Pam, stuck them in for about 8 minutes on 375 degrees until the bottoms were golden brown, then flipped them. On top I added a small amount of marinara sauce (Aldi's organic version), some Italian shredded cheese, and then halved pepperoni slices or olives. Baked for about 8 minutes more until the cheese was just starting to bubble. These were great, and even Camille had a few with her dinner!

I can't take credit for these beautiful wings. Ian is the wingmaster in our home. He made half with lemon pepper seasoning and half with a buffalo butter sauce (are you drooling yet?). He grills them, and they are as delicious as they look. 

Deviled eggs were also an easy way of getting in a non-meat protein. I went classic with the filling this time (mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, relish, egg yolks) but sometimes I like mixing it up by adding blue cheese dressing and capers to the yolks for a twist. 

And I just noticed from this photo that I left off the paprika last night. Shame on me -- someone come take away my Southern card. ;)

Last appetizer - my trusty old fondue pot. I got this in college, back in 2003 or so, and it is a powerhouse. Fondue is just fun and so, so easy. For this cheese fondue, I rubbed the heated pot with a halved garlic clove, added in half a bottle of Ian's beer, then two cups of shredded sharp cheddar and a tablespoon of flour. Gave it a good stir, and we enjoyed it with celery sticks. I also had a very small amount of sourdough bread, so I cubed up some of that, and even ended up having three pieces of it since the rest of my dinner was low on carbohydrates. 

My fondue pot is by West Bend but I couldn't find it on Amazon ... I did find this Oster one for $35 (Amazon Prime eligible) which looks like a great option if you are in the market. 

And for the record, once the baby is here safely and I can resume my normal diet, I am TOTALLY making a huge pot of milk chocolate fondue with crushed Oreos and marshmallows in it. My very, very favorite combo!

So, that was our menu last night, and hopefully that will give you some ideas to prepare for the most awesome Super Bowl ever (wink)! 

Oh! And I'll be updating our Tipsy Bunny shop on Etsy over the next few days with cute Panthers bows for the little ones, if you are in the market. You can find our shop HERE

Gooooooooo PANTHERS -- keep pounding!


  1. omg she is too cute in her little cheerleader outfit! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Please tell me more about this milk chocolate fondue with crushed Oreos. It sounds heavenly and we have a fondue pot that I've never used. Shame on me I know

  3. Camille looks so cute in her cheerleading outfit! Those wings sound soo good. Way to go Panthers! I'm rooting for them in the Super Bowl. Even though I'm from Mass, I'm so not a Pats fan. Not at all. I was sort of happy they lost. lol

  4. the paprika part made me laugh!ha!

  5. Um. Your snacks look SO yummy!! I love a good ol' classic deviled egg! Aaron would devour Ian's wings!! And we watched the game last night too and you are right- the Panthers are ELECTRIC! I told Aaron that watching them play and their reactions after the game restored some of the negative feelings I have about pro-football players! You can tell they LOVE their team and give everything they have on the field! The Super Bowl is going to be a great game!! :)

  6. I'm not into football at all, but I did watch the game & you are right- the Panthers are FUN!

  7. Wahh that chocolate fondue sounds amazing! I am about to give up dairy in hopes that it helps my 12 week old.. The thought of no cheese sounds awful but I'm hoping it helps my little one!

  8. All that food looks so yummy!!! I'm a sucker for deviled eggs and chicken wings!

  9. Love that panthers better still be making bows when I have a mini down the road!

    All that food looks DELICIOUS...we've been doing mostly low-carb (cheating on weekends) in the new year and I am planning to do a round-up of our favorite recipes next week! You'll have to check it out!

  10. Umm! I might need to make those zucchini pizzas for my friend's super bowl party!
    Jess at Just Jess

  11. It must be so fun to be in Charlotte right now! And your game snacks look delicious!

  12. First visit to your blog. I was drawn in by your pic with your daughter and you Panther clad. I am from Salisbury, NC. I loved your low carb food offerings. While here I saw your posts about your wedding. What a pleasure. It was like a good read. I perused the entire section from proposal to honeymoon. Enjoyed it immensely. Best wishes to you and yours in all future endeavors.

  13. Morgan was a mess on Sunday- Panthers and Broncos! My North Carolinian, Vol/Peyton loving husband is thrilled.

  14. Zucchini pizzas sound amazing and that would be a good way to sneak a green veggie in for the kiddos. ;o)

  15. OK, I must be a terrible Southerner, I hate paprika on deviled eggs! haha. I think it's because my mom never put it on. Now I just don't like it! And I'm totally with you. I'm soooo excited for the Panthers! I'll be cheering them on from TX!

  16. Morgan was a mess on Sunday- Panthers and Broncos! America map My North Carolinian, Vol/Peyton loving husband is thrilled

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