Saturday Sip and Shop: MAN Favorites


Golden ale beer cocktail (St. Germain, citrus, vodka, honey simple syrup, and Belgian golden ale):

Golden Ale Beer Cocktail
Beer, St. Germain, citrus juices, honey simple syrup ... do I have your attention?
Recipe HERE from The Beeroness


Kiehl's "Men's Must-Haves" Collection
We just bought this for Ian - he's so excited to get it in the mail!
He was needing more Facial Fuel moisturizer ($25 here), but for just $6 more we nabbed this gift set which includes an energizing face scrub, face wash, shave cream and scrub soap. It's a $56 value currently offered for $31 ... I also texted my sister about it since her hubby is a Kiehl's fan as well!
I can't tell if that tag is holiday-themed, but if it is, it can be removed so that this can be given at any time of the year. What a steal for a man in your life!


  1. I got my husband the Kiehl's gift pack and he loved it! Men don't always realize how great quality skincare can be!

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