Three Wednesday Loves

Three things I'm loving this Wednesday...

Quinoa crunch veggie burgers from Aldi. Camille loves having one of these patties along with some fruit and cheese for a meal. Takes down the whole thing like a boss. They are easily prepped in the microwave which is nice for days when she's really hungry and running low on patience. ;)

See my nails above. Still crazy about Essie Gel Setter. Also in love with Essie's color Ballet Slippers which is such a pretty neutral light pink! Gel Setter helps the color stay on my nails so long and look nice and glossy. Extra perk? Quick drying time. Very important these days!

Check out this adorable little nook that I spied on Pinterest! Camille currently has a "cozy corner" nestled between her crib and bookshelf that is a place to snuggle and read. This easy DIY with a tension rod and fun fabric takes it to the next level and would be such a cute and comfortable place to relax with some board books and stuffed animals.

35 Playful and Fun DIY Tents for Kids. This is so cool as a play space/reading nook/nap area.:


  1. That cozy corner is so cute- I think I want one! :)

  2. ohhh that cozy corner is adorable! and i need to try the gel setting polish. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. What section did you find those burgers? You know Aldi is like a treasure hunt with most things in random spots! Haha

  4. I love hearing about fun finds at Aldi - especially if they're toddler approved!! We will be giving these a try for sure!

  5. That little nook is so cute, and it seems like it would be pretty easy to create!

  6. I need to look into those burgers... our kids have gotten so picky, so if I could get some veggies in them by disguising them as a burger, that would be amazing!

  7. I love that cozy corner idea! Will have to file that away for future reference :) I'm intrigued by the gel setter--do you need a UV dryer like they have at the salon to make it work?

  8. That cozy corner is adorable! I'll have to remember that for my future babies!

    Lauren :)

  9. The ballet slippers came with my gel setter! Although my gel setter doesn't last as long as yours :( boo!! Maybe I should be nicer to my nails though. I'm going to have to look for those veggie burgers! We are alwasy on the hunt for good ones!


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