Saturday Sip and Shop: Champagne and Love


Guide to champagne cocktails! #thanksgiving:

I love this cute champagne cocktail guide! If I were partaking in some champagne this Valentines Day, I'd definitely go with the Kir Royale. Champagne and creme de cassis, YUM!


In honor of Valentines Day...

image via Amazon

I first read this years and years ago. I highly recommend it! Married, dating, single, separated, divorced ... whatever your story is, I think it helps you in all relationships in your life. It has helped me understand how to show love to my girlfriends, sisters, you get the point. Found HERE on Amazon and definitely an investment into all relationships you may have ... and a great way to understand how you work as a person, as well. I have loaned out my copy to so many friends!

PS, what's your love language? Mine is the one I least expected it to be ... gifts.


  1. Great Post! I love that book & recommend it to everyone I know! I think I speak a little bit of all the love languages. Ironically, after 12 years with my husband I cannot figure his out!
    I love the champagne guide. How fun! The D'Artagnan and Nelson's Blood both peaks my curiosity!

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