Valentines Traditions

We had a great Valentines Day this year -- quiet, relaxed, and low-key!

Ian took Camille and I out to breakfast yesterday morning at Terrace Cafe. It was one of the few places around us that was open on a Sunday at 8am. We were there by about 8:15 with absolutely no wait. This is a spot that typically has a dozen or so people waiting outside in the cold to get in for breakfast and brunch!

I have been really trying to eat healthily to manage this gestational diabetes, but yesterday I cut myself a little bit of slack. I'm a nut for anything lemon, and they had a french toast entree made from homemade lemon poppyseed bread. SIGN ME UP. Camille's kids plate was huge and included a sausage patty, so I swiped it from her (no shame) to help balance out the carbs with some protein. After an hour, I initially had a reading a few points higher than the limit (120), but I retested five minutes later after drinking some water and moving around and my second reading was in line with where it needed to be. 

During the brunch, they even came around with long-stemmed roses for the ladies, and they gave one to Camille, too! It was such a cute touch.

We got back in jammies after breakfast and just enjoyed a very slow-paced Sunday. Here are some other snaps from the weekend...

Saturday, Camille and I worked on a card for Ian. Yes, she has earbuds around her neck. Lady loves thinking that she is listening to music. 

Later that day, the mailman came and brought a card from her great-grandparents complete with some "paper money" inside!

We make a really big deal about this to her and always put it straight in her piggybank. I think she's up to about eight dollars now in it. :)

The silly little family tradition we always did that Ian and I are passing down to her is the Valentines Man. Legend has it (at least according to my Mom and Dad), a lightening-fast man wearing a red spandex suit leaves a Valentines goodie at your front doorstep, rings the doorbell and runs away so quickly that he cannot be seen. 

So Camille got her little afternoon snack delivered by the Valentines Man yesterday, and she was a little petrified of him ... so Ian worked out a deal with him (wink) and he happened to stop by once more later yesterday, this time dropping off a red heart balloon. I think that two nice visits in one day really helped Camille warm up to him!

After she went down to bed, Ian and I snacked on a little appetizer board (the standout was the brie baked with Kahlua, brown sugar, walnuts, and dried berries) and finished up making dinner. 

Ian broiled ribeyes for us and I made sweet potato fries and a spring mix salad tossed with granny smith apple slices, walnuts, blue cheese, red onion, and a homemade lemon vinaigrette. 

We did something out of the ordinary ... we sat at the dinner table and talked through dinner :) It was a nice departure from the TV tray we typically share. I think we are going to have to make that a once-a-week goal! Smart small, right? :)


  1. Looks like the perfect weekend! That lemon poppyseed French toast sounds amazing! We had a relaxing Sunday, too, and it was so nice!

  2. What a fun Valentine's Day! I'd love to hear more about this red valentine man haha Did she actually see him or just the thought scared her?

  3. You always make the yummiest looking food! Glad it was a nice holiday!

  4. What a nice Valentine's weekend! We love Terrace Cafe and I very often leave my diet at the door and splurge on the red velvet waffle. Love the Valentine's Man. How cute.

  5. What a great weekend! I love that Camille got a rose too. And the Valentines Man is such a cute tradition-I may have to steal that one in the future.

  6. Sounds like a great Valentine's Day! We did something similar only swap the sweet potato fries for garlic mashed potatoes -- certainly not as healthy but they are my weakness! Hope you have a great week!

  7. Sounds like so much fun! I LOVE Terrace Cafe- the best brunch spot. My suitemate and I went a couple of weeks ago- and unfortunately we didn't beat the crowds and we had to wait quite awhile!!

    Also- so fun to run into you (and Camille!) today!! :-)

    xoxo A

  8. What fun Valentine's Day traditions! The meal you whipped up looks divine, and yay for good conversation. My husband and I have had too many dinners in front of the tv; we should probably adopt your tradition!

  9. That French toast sounds like perfection! What a cute little tradition of the Valentine's man :). We're trying to get better about eating at the table too, it's just so easy to sit on the couches and eat off the coffee table while watching TV. When we do eat at the table I realize how much we can catch up on though and it's so nice. Have a great week!

    Erin, Attention to Darlingg Blog

  10. I love the little traditions, so cute! That brie sounds and looks amazing!

  11. Sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend! Love that you got to splurge at breakfast and your Valentine's man tradition is SO cute! I can guarantee you next year Camille will be so excited for that man in red spandex to drop a treat off at her door!! And your Valentine's dinner looks SO yum. Simple yet very gourmet!! :)

  12. I'm cracking up because it took me forever to figure out what C was eating...her plate looks like it holds eggs and raw chicken breasts! haha!

    The Valentines Man is something I never heard of, but a great tradition!

  13. I love the idea of singing the same lullaby, such a sweet way to build lasting memories!

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