Why Kids Birthday Parties Are The BEST

Let's chalk this post up to something I never thought I'd write about ...
... the awesomeness of childrens' birthday parties.

I love them! I really do!

We had two this weekend. Both on Saturday. I was so excited when I saw the times would not overlap AND that there was the perfect naptime sesh built right in-between the two of them! #lamebuttrue

The first one was for Ella, a Lilly Pulitzer-themed 2nd birthday celebration. Since my tummy isn't really letting me wear any of my normal clothes now, my friend Classic Annie brought me a few of her scarves to choose from. :)

Camille was all set with one of her little outfits that I bought for her during one of the big online sales. That is such a great time to get Lilly outfits -- prices are typically slashed in half, if not more. 

The first reason kids' birthday parties are the best is that, if it's at the birthday girl/boy's home, your child has ALL new toys to play with for an hour or so. Camille was in heaven playing with some of Ella's toys, and this is always a fun way for me to see what she may enjoy for an upcoming birthday or Christmas gift.

The second reason kids' birthday parties are the best is that Camille is really, really into the Happy Birthday song these days (Ian and I sing it to her, literally, several times per day). So that was a highlight, seeing her excitement when it was time to sing to Ella. She doesn't even equate it with cake yet ... the happiness is just in the singing.

After Ella's shindig, we came home, headed straight to the crib for a little nap, and then woke up in time for a change into comfier clothes to get ready for a 3rd birthday party at My Gym.

So the third reason why kid's birthday parties are the best is that it wears your child slap out. Camille didn't even wait up for Ian and me when we arrived at My Gym -- she ran directly over to the ball pit and jumped right in. She played with other kids. She tried climbing the rock wall. She jumped on the trampoline. She climbed. She bounced. She swung. 

We all had an early dinner after this party with another little family, and when we got home she just CRASHED. Absolutely wiped out!

I love seeing the themes that the parents come up with, and I love a party with great activities for the little ones. Good gosh, is it time that I start thinking about Camille's second birthday already?! The new baby will be born probably right around the time that invitations will be going out ... so I better hop on it!


  1. What fun times! It looks like everyone had a blast!

  2. There is nothing cuter than mini Lilly! The girls look adorable in their shifts.

  3. How fun!! And a Lilly themed party?! The perfect party type! Everyone looks so cute in their Lilly items.

  4. What a cute Lilly themed party, that cake looks perfect!

  5. Aww yay! SO glad you girls could make it! And I'm glad Camille found some fun toys to play with! I'm loving the My Gym party...I may look into that for next year!

  6. I love this! Y'all are too cute in your Lilly matching outfits! I'm getting so excited to start attending kiddo parties with Miss Sully. We're already planning her 1st (in April) and I just can't get over how time flies.

    Erin, Attention To Darling

  7. How funny! My mini is obsessed with the birthday song and telling everyone happy birthday. It's pretty darn cute!

  8. This is the cutest post!! I had to pick up the little girl that I babysit from a gym birthday similar to the one that Camille went to recently, and goodness was she tired after. :-) And how cute is that Lilly P. birthday!!

    xoxo A

  9. That bday cake is super cute! Well, and so are all the kids too! I went to my first children's bday party as an adult this week... The kids had too much fun after their cake sugar high and ran into each other and got bloody noses!!

  10. i really wish we had a gym like that to take vi! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. So cute! Love the idea of a Lilly themed party! And, is Camille's 2nd birthday already right around the corner!


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