Our Easter Brunch Menu

As I mentioned on Monday, my parents will be here in Charlotte for Easter Sunday. I have promised Ian not to stress myself into a tizzy over making The Brunch Of The Century (... does anyone elses' husband beg them to keep things simple? Maybe they're actually on to something. Maybe.)

Last night as I lay awake in the middle of the night (ugh), I did some menu planning for this weekend. I want to do as many things ahead of schedule as I can, so I'm pretty happy with this brunch plan.

Easter Brunch 2016

Ham Delights
Fruit Salad with Pineapple, Grapefruit, Mint and Shredded Coconut
Deviled Eggs
Cold Asparagus Dish - TBD

Pretty Spring Tablescape for home entertaining: Aqua, Coral and (GOLD instead of Yellow) Table Setting!:

Ham delights are an easy way for us to get in the traditional ham serving for Easter. I can't recall off the top of my head how many carbohydrates are in each piece of bread, so I need to check that out at the store. That will help me determine (due to my gestational diabetes) how many little sandwiches I can eat since I will have some fruit, too. HERE is my go-to recipe for these tasty bites. Easy and classic.

Ham, swiss and dijon.  We make these sliders all the time over the holidays when we have houseguests because you can graze on them throughout the day.:

Fruit salad will go together beautifully the night before, and I am remembering now that I have some apples in the produce drawer of the fridge that I also may chop up to add in. My mint has already sprung up in a container outside, so that's an easy add-in.

The deviled eggs are Ian's favorite, a great protein source for my diet these days, AND an easy way for us to use the eggs that we plan to dye with Camille on Friday or Saturday. Win-win. I have a vintage milk glass deviled egg platter that I always use for these, but if you don't have a platter like this, there are plenty HERE on Amazon Prime that can reach your doorstep by Saturday.

And for the last dish, I think for a green I will do some sort of cold asparagus dish. I haven't yet looked up a recipe for this ... do you have any suggestions? I am thinking I will roast it and then toss it with some sort of lemon vinaigrette, maybe a little feta added in, too? Maybe some walnuts?

I'd love to hear what's on your menu for this weekend. Do share!


  1. Um that asparagus dish you mentioned above sounds DELISH!! If you do make it please share the details!

  2. We are keeping it simple too, and I love your menu!

  3. Those ham sandwiches sound great! As for greens, I'm presently addicted to sautéed Brussel sprouts with bacon crumbles :) since bacon makes everything better!

  4. I love your menu.

  5. I'm a Easter Lamb girl instead of Easter Ham. So, roasted lamb probably with some horseradish swirled into plain Greek yogurt for a sauce. Also doing asparagus, I LOVE it! I'll likely do some roasted potatoes and I'm making a carrot cake in my pretty bundt pan for dessert.

    Oh and for breakfast/brunch that day, I found a cinnamon raisin brioche loaf last week at the store, so we're going to do an overnight baked French toast. Eggs, milk, whatever spices you want (cinnamon, vanilla, etc) whisked together, butter both sides of the bread slices, lay them in a casserole dish, cover with the custard, cover and refrigerate. Pop it in the oven in the morning and slice to serve!

    Ok. So NOT simple.... :)

  6. Sounds lovely! I love the tablescape inspiration. I am hosting my in-laws for Easter, and like you, I want to impress! I love those little sandwiches, I make them ALL THE TIME for events. I usually switch out the ham for turkey though. They are always a hit. I'd love to know that fruit salad recipe you're using...I am doing a spinach, feta and watermelon, strawberries, etc. salad and would love some more ideas for add-ins. Pineapple might be a good call. Happy Easter!

  7. I am really loving that Wilton Platter as a way to fancy up deviled eggs {which are an absolute favorite of mine}!

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  8. mmmm those ham sandwiches look so good! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. Your brunch menu sounds perfect!! Can I come over??? :)

  10. This all sounds delicious, and most can be prepped ahead! For asparagus, I did a roasted asparagus with hollandaise for Easter a few years ago and it was a big hit. The hollandaise was much easier than expected. I posted the recipe here:

  11. we've done roasted asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and it is so good! everything looks great!

  12. I have never made deviled eggs! Gasp! What kind of Southerner am I? I do love them, but it seems like they are always made every time I am at an event where they would be present, so I've never had to create them, but would love to learn. Your menu sounds delish! And love that tablescape!:)

  13. I make those ham and cheese sliders for pretty much, oh, everything!

    Just wanted to leave a comment to let you know that I made your barbecue shrimp recipe a couple weeks ago. It was such a hit, man and four kids approved!

  14. OMG - it all sounds yummy! I'm making a big ham but those little ham sammies look so yummy! And I'm with Ian, deviled eggs are a must!


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