Cutest Little Pink Camera You Ever Did See

I was the most amazing, jaw-dropping magician yesterday when I introduced Camille to the world of POLAROIDS.

I'm serious, I wish I had it on video, because her face watching the photo slowly appear on the film was the cutest thing I've seen in a while. 

I snapped the photo of her and asked her what color the paper was ... she responded "white." Then, the wood floor started appearing first on the film and she was just mesmerized. As her face started to appear in the photograph, she shouted "MILL MILL!"

Here's my new little toy in all its glory:

This little pink camera is just too much fun. Who doesn't love the magic of Polaroids, plus I just really dig the vintage vibe of the pictures it takes. I am definitely going to pack this in our hospital bag when it's go-time!

I have the light pink camera, but it's available in lots of colors, including classic white and black. Michaels has them 40% off this week, but they are even less expensive on Amazon (here). I did pick up my film from Michaels since it was so convenient, and I used my 40% off coupon on the Michaels app to get 20 film sheets for $14.99. You can, however, get 20 on Amazon Prime for $13.09 currently (here), so that's what I'll do in the future. 

You can also purchase different patterned film papers (I like the colorful Candy Pop papers shown below), and protective cases are just around $16 on Amazon. 

Mini Polaroid

I wanted to share this fun find today because I think it would be an awesome little item to have on hand for pretty spring and summer days ... also a great Mothers Day gift for someone (or for yourself), because the gift of capturing special memories in a fun way would definitely be something that I would love to receive!

Oh gosh, or how about bringing one on a vacation or a bachelorette weekend? Or snapping photos at wedding or baby showers and sending the guests home with them? CUTE. CUTE. CUTE. Cute times a thousand.


  1. So fun! I truly NEED something like this because I am so bad about actually printing out our digital images!

  2. I loved my Polaroid when I was younger! I'm glad Camille had a blast watching the photo appear. Jess at Just Jess

  3. This is SOOOO adorable! What a great gift idea!

  4. That's so cute how excited she was by this! I haven't used a polaroid camera in years. It would make a great Christmas present for sure!

  5. What a fun idea! Wouldn't this make a great idea for a little ones birthday party? You could send each visitor home with a polaroid of them with the birthday girl! xx Rox-Anne,

  6. I love that polaroids are making a comeback! They make such a fun alternative to digital pictures (who would have thought??)

  7. i've been wondering how this camera was... of course now i want one!!!!

  8. I have the red camera!! I just love it!!

  9. theee best!! i am obsessed with my instax. those little things make me unbelievably happy! i have the little pink album off amazon and it's nearly full. <3 <3 <3


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