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It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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Our sweet new family member was one week old yesterday! It just seems like she's been around for much longer than that, and we are enjoying each sweet moment. Especially the moments shared between the sisters ... be still, my heart. I took this photo of Charlotte's little wrinkly foot in the hospital and I just melt every time I see those little piggies.

(fyi ... I often get questions about my camera - I have a Nikon D3100 and this is the amazing lens on Amazon that I credit with all of my best shots!)

Not even going to lie, it feels so nice to have a little wine these evenings! A girlfriend brought this
rosé on Wednesday night and I had some last night with my mom (she came back in town for the evening while Ian was away). It was delicious and crisp! Charlotte folks, she found it at Reid's.

It's officially the greatest time of the year in the household decor world ... the time for free flower arrangements from the yard! This little antique artichoke vase holds some of our knockout roses and yellow snapdragons, and it just makes me happy seeing it each morning when I walk in the kitchen!

Just had to share this adorable photo of Camille doing a handstand at My Gym yesterday. That little tongue coming out of her mouth ... the cutest!

Lastly, happy Earth Day!
I'm always looking for easy ways to be a better steward of this wonderful planet. For years I've always tried to bring my own bags to the grocery store, and we recycle in our home (whether it's putting a milk jug into the recycling bin, or "recycling" by letting Camille do art with paper towel rolls or on the back of Ian's work paper).

I've got some lime green crepe paper here at the house and think this will be a great post-nap project today!

This Earth day craft is a very fun and simple way to teach kids about our planet using paper plates.:

You know all about one of my favorite household supply companies, Grove Collaborative, and I give them a big thumbs up today for doing their part to supply us with planet-friendly cleaning products and to help me use safe products in my home. I recently got this ultra-concentrated laundry detergent in my last shipment and the cost savings for the 66 loads it will do is substantial. Way better than what I was paying for detergent at my grocery store. You may use my referral link as a new customer to get $10 off your order and free shipping!

TGIF y'all, and hope you will join in on Five on Friday this week! Cheers to the weekend!


  1. That wine sounds amazing! I work right across from Reid's at SouthPark so I might just venture over on my lunch break and pick up a bottle! I love rose.

  2. That handstand picture is too funny. And that little foot...aww!

  3. That little foot! I'm craving a glass of rose now that I can indulge too! :)

  4. Just precious little baby feet! Love!

  5. You are too adorable! I'm so thrilled that you are settling into life with two babies just nicely. Definitely gives me hope! And I would have linked up, but it's not showing up. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend!

  6. Sweet, sweet sister moments. Nothing better!
    Just added that lens to my wish list! Total hopeful birthday present! Thanks for sharing, love! xx

  7. Thanks for the link and discount code to Grove Collaborative. Just purchased 5 products, including the detergent for less than $30! Ps. The new little babe is precious!

  8. Oh newborn tootsies!! Gah this newborn yearning is going from a faint sound to a war cry!!

  9. Love that picture of Charlotte's precious tiny foot and Camille is SO cute doing her flip! Love her shirt ;) Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

  10. One week already!! That little foot in the photo is adorable!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  11. Oh those little toes! And Camille is just too cute! And I am seriously counting down until the wine! Heaven knows that might be the only way to survive a sassy toddler and a newborn!!

  12. I have the same camera and am searching for a lens. Does that one zoom well from distance? (looking for one that's good for kids games etc.)

  13. Those precious, little toes! I will have to add that rose to my list to try! Xo, Stephanie


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