The Masters: A Gamble and A Recipe

Now that we are in the clear, I have to tell you about a crazy gamble we took this week.

Rewind back to August. We were newly, newly pregnant and were one day away from telling our family members. My brother-in-law told Ian that he'd just scored Masters tickets and he wanted them to go together. Ian was SO EXCITED. I knew the tournament would be some time around the new baby's arrival, but when he said April 4th, just two days before my due date, I silently panicked. Of course I wanted Ian to have this awesome opportunity, but there was a definite chance we could be in the hospital!

So, many months later, we've just been playing it by ear, and things were looking promising on Sunday evening for Ian to head down that way. The course is about 2.5 hours away from our home. My mom came up and spent the night and all day Monday with me and Camille. Cell phones are STRICTLY prohibited at the tournament (if you're caught with one, you are banned for life from the tournament -- yes, literally) but they had phone tents where Ian called me every single hour to check in, from 7am until 3pm. Our worst case scenario would that I would go into a quick labor right after we hung up after a check-in, and then that would put him 3.5 hours away from me. But hallelujah! - didn't happen!

The guys had an awesome time together and Ian brought me a pretty sweet shirt from the tournament. So, all's well that ends well, but we definitely took a gamble on this one!

Now, speaking of The Masters tournament -- here's a blog post I shared last year about one of our favorite salads. If you or the man in your life are a big Masters fan, you should definitely plan on making this easy salad that is a Masters staple!

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In college, a sorority sister of mine from Augusta, GA, turned me on to the copycat version of the infamous salad served at the (now closed) Green Jacket Restaurant, which was directly across from the Augusta National, home of the Masters Tournament.

A quick online search for the Green Jacket Salad recipe turns up a few different versions, but here's the one I use.

Green Jacket Salad

1 bag Italian mix salad
Green onion, chopped
Shredded parmesan cheese

2-3 tablespoons red wine vinegar
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons seasoning salt
2 teaspoons Accent
1/2 teaspoon oregano
1/2 teaspoon fresh parsley

I like to start by whisking together the dressing ingredients in the bottom of the bowl, then just toss in the lettuce, parmesan cheese, onions and croutons about 20 minutes before serving. This gives it time for the croutons to get just a little soft which is really tasty in this salad.

One of my first questions to my girlfriend was "What in the world is Accent?" The little canister claims to "wake up food flavor" and, to be quite honest, I don't know if I'd miss it if I left it out of the dressing. But at this point, I'm scared to -- I follow the recipe, including the Accent. 

We enjoyed that salad this weekend along with some little pimiento cheese and egg salad finger sandwiches -- a staple of the Augusta National course. I had a chance to visit the tournament back when I was in college and it was such a fun experience!


  1. Glad that your husband was able to go down & enjoy part of Masters week! Does that mean that today is your due date?? Hope everything goes smoothly when baby #2 decides to make an appearance! :)

  2. Girl you are stronger than me! I would have told my husband he better stay his butt close to home! Glad things worked out well for y'all and he was able to attend! Prayers for a healthy baby and easy labor/delivery!

  3. I'm so glad Ian was able to take advantage of that fun opportunity...I'm sure it was nerve-wracking though!

  4. Yay!! So glad it worked out!! And he's so sweet to be calling you every hour while he was away. Happy due date, by the way!!!!!!!

  5. So glad he got to go and enjoy The Masters! It's such an incredible experience. And even more glad to hear that baby#2 didn't decide to make an entrance while he was away.

  6. Oh man!! That's awesome Ian was able to go without missing the baby! I'm sure everyone's ready for the baby to come now ;) Your salad and sandwiches look amazing!

  7. Awesome that Ian got to go! My husband and I LOVE The Masters, borderlining on obsession ;) And very happy that you didn't go in to labor while he was gone! Thanks for sharing that recipe, will have to add it to Sunday's menu for the final round! Can't wait to hear news of the new baby arriving!

  8. I thought you meant YOU were going to the Masters 40 weeks pregnant. I was like, Dang, Superwoman. Glad he made it back. Now go have that bebe. :)

  9. So glad he made it back! Praying that you go into labor naturally and baby is ready to go soon!

  10. Yum! I need to make that salad! And oh my gosh, that would give me hives, but I'm so glad that sweet baby stayed in and all is well (and than Ian had fun)!

  11. How awesome!!!!! Definitely a Bucket List moment! That salad sounds fantastic!!

  12. That's awesome that your boy was able to experience that & that you didn't go into labor while he was there. Win, win. Ha! & wow, yea, pretty intense on the phone thing but I guess that I kinda understand, don't want to interrupt the players.

  13. So great that your husband got to go! That's crazy how strict they are with cell phones, but at least he would never have been too far away. It's lucky you all are so close to the tournament (and that you didn't go into labor)!

  14. So glad that all worked out but definitely nerve racking! So lucky that baby decided to stay put, fingers crossed now he or she will decide to make their debut soon!

  15. That's so awesome it worked out for him to go! You guys had a great plan in place!

  16. So glad that it worked out for you guys! I just saw your snapchat- that waiting game is tough, lady! Hang in there!
    With my second one, there were a bunch of other people that were due a little after me and all had their babies earlier than me and I remember crying to my husband because I was so done being pregnant! Then, lo and behold, our little one was born the next day!
    Praying for a safe and easy delivery of your little one!

  17. So glad he got to go! Do you have Tea Time at the Masters? It's the Augusta junior league cookbook and has Green Jacket salad in it. Ps- accent is MSG. But it really does perk up flavor!


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