Friday, Saturday and Sunday Highlights

Oooh, this was a good, good weekend. We filled it to the brim with lots of adventures for the kids (well, just really for Camille I guess ... bless Charlotte's heart, she's sort of still just our little "down for whatever" companion). 

Camille spent Thursday night down at my mom and dad's house. We called it Bunny Camp since Bunny is Mom's grandmother name. So Friday morning started with me meeting Mom halfway at a gas station to pick Camille up and take her directly to Bojangles Coliseum for Sesame Street Live!

My girl looked SO cute in her Elmo get-up. And she loved every minute! Dancing, singing, and just watching in amazement.

After the show ended, we headed straight to the mountains, stopping once for a little high-quality sustenance at Jack In The Box (guilty ... but not sorry). We met Ian up at the mountainhouse since he arrived a little before us. That evening we went out to an early dinner as a family at The Pedalin' Pig and had some delicious barbecue and country sides. Cornbread, collards, slaw, green beans with bacon ... it was all delicous!

Saturday highlights included a breakfast at our favorite little gas station in Foscoe...

... and an amazing trip to the Childrens' Playhouse in Boone which was SPECTACULAR and deserves a post of its own. 

Afterwards we walked around downtown Boone and picked up sandwiches -- reubens and a grilled cheese for Camille -- from Wolfie's downtown. 

We kept things easy that evening as well, dinner out at our favorite Mexican joint (after all of those meals out, our wallets AND our waistbands are ready for lots of healthier meals at home this week) and then Ian and I watched Airplane that evening. Of course I fell asleep towards the end of the movie ... standard!

Sunday we had a relaxing morning and then we had a picnic lunch as a family at our favorite little playground in Valle Crucis. Ian got us sandwiches from The Ham Shoppe which were amazing (I just packed a simple PB&J for Camille). Charlotte had ... milk. ;)

We considered staying Sunday evening as well but decided to come home Sunday afternoon so Ian could get a jumpstart on his workweek. It was just an awesome family weekend and we're already scouting out another weekend to return to the mountains, where time slows down a little bit and great family times are in abundance!


  1. Please do a post on The Children's Playhouse. We live in Boone and I can't wait until our new little one is old enough to enjoy that spot! Also, I'd love to meet up anytime you're in the area. My little guy is almost 4 months and already loves park dates and lunch dates!

  2. So fun! We are headed to Boone July 1 to stay with my parents for a week. So excited!!

  3. This weekend sounds amazing! And Camille's Elmo outfit is just precious!

  4. that is one awesome weekend! I'm so sick of our weekends being filled with RAIN! I can't wait to get back out and do fun family things hopefully SOON!


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